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Sunday, April 18, 1847.+-

Peoria, IL.

Lincoln writes to Grant Goodrich, an attorney in Chicago with whom he is working on three related cases in the U.S. Circuit Court. Lincoln and Goodrich represent plaintiff William Anderson in the case of Anderson v. Lawrence, plaintiff William Dayton in the case of Dayton v. Lawrence, and plaintiff William R. Voce in the case of Voce v. Lawrence. In each case, the plaintiff is suing defendant Grove Lawrence in an action of assumpsit to recover damages for "fraud and misrepresentation in the sale of land." Lincoln writes that he has been tardy in replying to Goodrich's recent letter because he has been "so busy with our own court, [and] with preparations to go on the circuit." Lincoln agrees that Goodrich should "take no further testimony in New-York." Lincoln advises Goodrich to "Bring down with you to court, all the home testimony you can, on all points, and let the cases rest upon that." Grant Goodrich to William H. Herndon, 9 December 1866, Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Abraham Lincoln to Grant Goodrich (transcript printed), 18 April 1847, CW 10:9-10.