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Wednesday, September 27, 1837.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln witnesses deed given by Samuel Neale Sr. and Gerusha Neale to Archer G. Herndon for 80 acres of land four miles west of Springfield, for which Herndon pays $1,000. Sangamon County Deed Book M, 247-48, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, University of Illinois Springfield.

Thursday, September 27, 1838.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes and files declaration and bill of complaint in Sangamon Circuit Court in Albert G. Williams v. John M. and George L. Cabiness. Cabiness brothers gave their note to Nathaniel Owens for $100 current money of Kentucky. Owens held note for 15 years and assigned it to Williams, who is seeking to collect.Photocopy.

Friday, September 27, 1839.+-

Tremont, IL.

In Brooks & Cogswell v. Dodge & Dodge, plaintiffs are given leave to insert in declaration: "who sues for the use and benefit of Waterman Palmer." Jury is sworn, whereupon plaintiffs say they will no longer prosecute.Record.

Monday, September 27, 1841.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Lincoln writes to his friend, Mary Speed, of Louisville, Kentucky. Lincoln recalls his recent visit to Kentucky as a guest of Joshua F. Speed, Mary's half brother. Lincoln describes a scene he witnessed while on board a steamboat-leg of the journey back to Springfield, Illinois. He writes, "A gentleman had purchased twelve negroes in different parts of Kentucky and was taking them to a farm in the South. They were chained six and six together. A small iron clevis was around the left wrist of each, and this fastened to the main chain by a shorter one at a convenient distance from, the others; so that the negroes were strung together precisely like so many fish upon a trot-line." He recounts, "Do you remember my going to the city while I was in Kentucky, to have a tooth extracted, and making a failure of it? Well, that same old tooth got to paining me so much, that about a week since I had it torn out, bringing with it a bit of the jawbone; the consequence of which is that my mouth is now so sore that I can neither talk, nor eat. I am litterally 'subsisting on savoury remembrances'—that is, bring unable to eat, I am living upon the remembrance of the delicious dishes of peaches and cream we used to have at your house." Abraham Lincoln to Mary Speed, 27 September 1841, CW, 1:259-61.

Friday, September 27, 1844.+-

Clinton, IL.

Commissioner appointed at last term in McDowall v. Duncan et al. files his report. He finds that property can not be equitably divided and case is continued.Record.

[Mrs. Lincoln buys tapes and buttons, 35¢.Irwin Ledger and Journal.]

Saturday, September 27, 1845.+-

Clinton, IL.

[Gibson William Harris stated in "My Recollections of Abraham Lincoln" that "in September, 1845, through the kindness of our then State Senator, Mr. Charles Constable, it was arranged I should enter the law office of Lincoln & Herndon."Farm and Fireside, 1 December 1904.]

Monday, September 27, 1847.+-


[Piatt County Circuit Court begins its session.]

Thursday, September 27, 1849.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln telegraphs Secretary Ewing declining Oregon governorship, then writes letter explaining delays in communication while he was out of town. He writes Secretary of State Clayton, who says he has not heard from Lincoln as nominee for secretary of Oregon. Astonished, Lincoln writes that he promptly declined by letter. He writes John Addison, his friend at interior, Washington, thanking him for his efforts in governorship matter. "I cannot consent to accept it." Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Ewing, 27 September 1849, CW, 2:65; Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Ewing, 27 September 1849, CW, 2:66; Abraham Lincoln to John M. Clayton, 27 September 1849, CW, 2:65; Abraham Lincoln to John Addison, 27 September 1849, CW, 2:65.

Friday, September 27, 1850.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln endorses petition of 60 Tazewell County citizens to Gov. French: "The signers to this petition are excellent citizens." Endorsement: Petition for Pardon of Henry Heath, [27 September 1850], CW, 2:94.

Saturday, September 27, 1851.+-

Metamora, IL.

Gridley and Lincoln, for defendant, move to dismiss indictment for perjury—People v. Johnson; motion is denied. Defendant gives bond for appearance at next term. Lincoln, Clark, and Gridley dismiss Gingrich v. Evans et al., trespass. Record.

Monday, September 27, 1852.+-

Bloomington, IL.

McLean Circuit Court convenes. In Brown et al. v. Sanford & Booth, defendants default and plaintiffs are awarded $1,239.84 damages. Record.

Lincoln writes to Charles R. Welles, administrator of estate from which William Florville, Negro barber of Springfield, bought lots. Florville failed to have purchase recorded, and lost deed. To "get the thing fixed up," Lincoln needs Welles' signature on writ. Abraham Lincoln to Charles R. Welles, 27 September 1852, CW, 2:159.

Saturday, September 27, 1856.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln answers letter from J. M. Sturtevant, President of Illinois College, urging him to become candidate for Congress. "Let me assure you," he says, "that I decline to be a candidate for congress, on my clear conviction, that my running would hurt, & not help the cause. I am willing to make any personal sacrafice, but I am not willing to do, what in my own judgment, is, a sacrafice of the cause itself." Abraham Lincoln to Julian M. Sturtevant, 27 September 1856, CW, 2:378-79.

Sunday, September 27, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln gives his partner, William H. Herndon, check for $23. Original owned by Mrs. Mary Edwards Brown, Springfield, Ill.

Monday, September 27, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL and Jacksonville, IL.

At 7 A.M. procession forms on town square and escorts Lincoln to Great Western station. Train reaches Jacksonville at 11. Besides Springfield delegation, many are present from Cass and Scott counties. In afternoon, following F. P. Blair Jr. of St. Louis, Lincoln speaks. Illinois State Journal, 28 September 1858, 29 September 1858; Chicago Tribune, 1 October 1858; Jacksonville Sentinel, 1 October 1858.

Lincoln finds time to write defendants' answer in Mershon v. Oliver & Milner, Logan County case. He signs "Lincoln & Parks p.d.," and evidently mails document to Samuel Parks. Photocopy.

Tuesday, September 27, 1859.+-

Lincoln, IL.

Lincoln writes and files bond of Joshua Day and James Wiley in case of Day v. Skinner & Turley. Photocopy.

[Mrs. Lincoln buys yard of linen at Smith's. Pratt, Personal Finances, 159.]

Thursday, September 27, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes J. E. Harvey: "There is no reality in that suspicion about Judge Kelley. Neither he nor any other man has obtained or sought such a relation with me." He thanks George B. Lincoln of New York for sending campaign medals "for the Boys." Abraham Lincoln to James E. Harvey, 27 September 1860, CW, 4:122; Abraham Lincoln to George B. Lincoln, 27 September 1860, CW, 4:122.

Friday, September 27, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln invites Gen. McClellan to attend cabinet meeting in Gen. Scott's office. "Before we got through the General 'raised a row with me.' " McClellan, War for Union, 91.

Interviews Miss Laura Redden, deaf writer from Missouri, about book she is writing. Bates to Lincoln, 27 September 1861, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Withholds pass to accompany vessel down Potomac solicited by Henry Wikoff, correspondent for New York "Herald". Abraham Lincoln to James G. Bennett, 28 September 1861, CW, 4:539.

Saturday, September 27, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

About 11 A.M. President confers with Maj. Levi C. Turner, judge advocate, and Maj. Key regarding methods of Key and others to shape outcome of war. Decides to dismiss Key from military service. Record of Dismissal of John J. Key, 26-27 September 1862, CW, 5:442-43.

Lincoln and Postmaster Gen. Blair discuss case of Maj. Key. Blair to McClellan, 27 September 1862, George B. McClellan Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

President conducts several daily interviews with Edward Everett on matters relating to foreign affairs. Boston Advertiser, 29 September 1862.

Confers more than once with Gov. Stanly (N.C.) who disapproves Emancipation Proclamation. Stanly to Lincoln, 29 September 1862, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Rice, 532-33.

Sunday, September 27, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

President at War Dept. until 9 P.M. Gen. Hooker and John Hay visit him later at Soldiers' Home. Hooker to be given an assignment. Hay, Letters and Diary.

Lincoln orders Gen. Burnside to hold present positions and send spare troops to Gen. Rosecrans quickest way. Abraham Lincoln to Ambrose E. Burnside, 27 September 1863, CW, 6:484.

Tuesday, September 27, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

Sec. Welles consults with President about document permitting Gen. A. J. Hamilton to export cotton from Texas. Document, signed by President, received by Welles from Rear Adm. Farragut. Welles, Diary.

President receives deputation from New York Young Men's Republican Union. Ballard to Lincoln, 24 September 1864, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Interviews John W. Wilson, who has just arrived from England with letter of introduction from John Bright. Wilson to Lincoln, 27 September 1864, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Hears complaint of Asst. Surg. William Crouse who says Gen. Butler ordered him out of department. Butler's explanation: "He was drinking and worthless." Abraham Lincoln to Benjamin F. Butler, 27 September 1864, CW, 8:25.

Telegraphs former Gov. Dennison (Ohio): "Yours received. Come so soon as you can." [Dennison, recently appointed postmaster general, had missed train connections in Steubenville, Ohio.] Abraham Lincoln to William Dennison, 27 September 1864, CW, 8:25.

Refers to Gen. Grant request of William H. Kent, correspondent, New York "Tribune," to have his pass reinstated. Abraham Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant, 27 September 1864, CW, 8:26.

Telegraphs Gen. Sherman: "You say Jeff. Davis is on a visit to [Gen. John B.] Hood (CSA). I judge that [Gov. Joseph E.] Brown [Ga.] and [A. H.] Stephens are the objects of his visit." Abraham Lincoln to William T. Sherman, 27 September 1864, CW, 8:27.