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Tuesday, April 16, 1833.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln, William Green, Jr., and Jesse Baker appear in court as bondsmen for Thomas Edwards and acknowledge themselves indebted to state in two criminal cases. The court set Edwards's bond at $300 in People v. Edwards and Edwards, an indictment for assault with intent to commit rape. The court also set Edwards's bond at $200 in People v. Edwards et al., an indictment for riot. The court set the state's witnesses' bond at $50, and ordered John Marshall and his wife, Sally, to testify for the state at the September term of court.Photocopy.

Lincoln is a witness for the defendant, Jacob Bale, in Simmons v. Bale. The plaintiff dismisses the suit. Lincoln, Jacob Bale, Tilman Hornbuckle, and John Close of New Salem serve on the jury in State Bank of Illinois v. Parkinson. The jury awards the plaintiff $326 damages.Record.

Monday, April 16, 1838.+-

Tremont, IL.

The Tazewell County Circuit Court convenes at Tremont. The Sangamo Journal of April 28, 1838, comments: "Our business last week called us to Tremont during the sitting of the circuit court, Judge Thomas presiding. There were about 220 cases on the docket—all of which were disposed of in 4½ days."Sangamo Journal, 28 April 1838.

Tuesday, April 16, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln files writ of attachment in Sangamon Circuit Court against William H. Wernwag in behalf of Moses Hoffman. Hoffman claims Wernwag owes him $128.65 for labor on the Sangamon River bridge. Sangamo Journal, 29 April 1839.

Thursday, April 16, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln attends meeting of board of trustees of town of Springfield. Trustees select election judges for election of mayor and aldermen under city charter, to be held April 20, 1840. Journal of the Board of Trustees.

Friday, April 16, 1841.+-

Tremont, IL.

Kellogg v. Crain, action in debt, reinstated September 30, 1840, comes up for trial. Jury is called and then dismissed, and case is tried by court. Court awards plaintiff, Lincoln's client, $16,000 debt and $58.02 damages, largest judgment obtained by Lincoln to this date.Record.

Sunday, April 16, 1843.+-

Versailles, IL and En route to Bloomington, IL.

[Trip to Bloomington from Versailles, approximately 40 miles, is probably made Sunday.]

Tuesday, April 16, 1844.+-

En route to Bloomington, IL?

[Lincoln's account is charged $3.75 "for balance on lamps." Mrs. Lincoln is buying furnishings for new home.Irwin Ledger.]

Wednesday, April 16, 1845.+-

Tremont, IL.

On motion of defendant's attorney, divorce suit of Jane Dobbs v. Stephen Dobbs is continued. Defendant is ordered to pay complainant $50 to aid her in prosecution of suit. Lincoln and Leonard appear for complainant and Briggs for defendant.Record.

Thursday, April 16, 1846.+-

Metamora, IL.

Woodford Circuit Court opens for two-day term. Lincoln and Fenn, attorneys for defendant in Smith v. Strawn, file demurrer to plaintiff's declaration. Court sustains demurrer with leave to amend declaration and plaintiff is ruled to plead in 30 days. Leave is given appellants in Hall and Edgett v. Morley to file new appeal bond and take depositions. Two other cases are continued.Record.

Sunday, April 16, 1848.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln writes to his wife Mary and confesses, "When you were here, I thought you hindered me some in attending to business; but now, having nothing but business . . . it has grown exceedingly tasteless to me . . . I hate to stay in this old room by myself." Lincoln reports that he is having trouble finding the "little plaid stockings" that Mary asked him to purchase for their son Eddy. Lincoln asks what his sons Eddy and Robert "think of the little letters father sent them?" He adds, "Dont let the blessed fellows forget father."Abraham Lincoln to Mary Lincoln, 16 April 1848, CW, 1:465-66.

Monday, April 16, 1849.+-

Springfield, IL.

[McLean Circuit Court convenes at Bloomington.]

Friday, April 16, 1852.+-

Metamora, IL.

In the Woodford County Circuit Court, Lincoln and Asahel Gridley defend Joseph K. Johnson in the case of People v. Johnson. Johnson, accused of committing perjury, pleads not guilty to the charge, and a jury hears the case against him. Lincoln questions one defense witness, makes his closing arguments, and proposes a set of instructions for the judge to give to the jury. The jury finds Johnson not guilty. Lincoln and Asahel Gridley represent Jesse Dale in the case of People for the use of Woodford County, Illinois v. Dale. The county alleges that Dale had withheld some money he had collected while serving as county treasurer. Lincoln and Gridley submit several pleas on behalf of Dale. Judgment, 16 April 1852, People v. Johnson, Common Law Record A, 236, Woodford County Circuit Court, Woodford County Courthouse, Eureka, IL; Jury Instructions, 16 April 1852, People v. Johnson, Private Collection; Pleas (copy), 16 April 1852, People for the use of Woodford County, Illinois v. Dale, copy files, Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, IHi, Springfield, IL.

[Under act of Congress of 1850 warrant for 40 acres of land is issued to Lincoln for services in Black Hawk War. Paul M. Angle, Lincoln 1854-1861: Being the Day-By-Day Activities of Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, IL: Abraham Lincoln Association, 1933), 313.]

Saturday, April 16, 1853.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Plaintiff in Howser v. Illinois Central RR, appeal on petition for right of way, moves court to set aside report of commissioners. Motion is denied. Record.

Wednesday, April 16, 1856.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Lincoln appears for Illinois Central in Bishop v. Illinois Central RR. He withdraws defendant's plea. Court orders that plaintiff recover $470 from defendant in accordance with terms of agreed arbitration award. Record.

Friday, April 16, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln signs fee book receipting docket fee of $10 in Baker v. Baker, tried in January 1857. Fee Book.

Saturday, April 16, 1859.+-

Springfield, IL.

In response to letter from T. J. Pickett, Rock Island editor, asking permission to propose his name as presidential candidate, Lincoln writes: "I must, in candor, say I do not think myself fit for the Presidency. I certainly am flattered, and gratified, that some partial friends think of me in that connection; but I really think it best for our cause that no concerted effort, such as you suggest, should be made." He writes Williams and Packard, Bloomington lawyers, about law case. Abraham Lincoln to Thomas J. Pickett, 16 April 1859, CW, 3:377-78; Abraham Lincoln to Robert E. Williams and Major W. Packard, 16 April 1859, CW, 2:378.

Mrs. Lincoln charges 16 yards silk at Smith's store. Pratt, Personal Finances, 155-56.

Monday, April 16, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln deposits $100 in Marine & Fire Insurance Co. Marine Bank Ledger.

Tuesday, April 16, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln holds patronage conference with Pennsylvania delegation including Gov. Curtin (Pa.). National Intelligencer, 17 April 1861.

Writes Sec. Cameron: "I especially wish Robert A. Kinzie to be appointed a Pay-Master. This is not a formality, but an earnest reality." Abraham Lincoln to Simon Cameron, 16 April 1861, CW, 4:335.

Wednesday, April 16, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President signs "An act for the release of certain persons held to service, or labor in the District of Columbia," and for appointment of board of commissioners to appraise slaves of loyal citizens and allow payment not exceeding an average of $300. Message to Congress, 16 April 1862, CW, 5:192; Stat. L., XII, 376.

Approves act authorizing establishment of branch post offices in cities. Stat. L., XII, 379.

Appoints J. G. Berret, former mayor of Washington, former Cong. Samuel F. Vinton (Ohio), and Daniel R. Goodloe, formerly of North Carolina, commissioners to act for abolition of slavery in District of Columbia. N.Y. Tribune, 17 April 1862.

Asst. Sec. Fox at White House in evening. Fox, Diary, Gist-Blair Family Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Thursday, April 16, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

President cancels contract with B. Kock "for immigration of persons of African extraction to a dependency of the Republic of Hayti." Proclamation Cancelling Contract with Bernard Koch, 16 April 1863, CW, 6:178-79.

Mil. Gov. Johnson introduces Judge John S. Brien of Nashville to President. Andrew Johnson to Abraham Lincoln, 17 April 1863, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

John Hay writes from Hilton Head, S.C., regarding attitude of Gen. Hunter and Rear Adm. Du Pont toward President's order of 13th. Hay is on assignment to deliver Sec. Welles' order of April 2, 1863. Abraham Lincoln to David Hunter and Samuel F. Du Pont, 14 April 1863, CW, 6:173-74.

Lincoln writes memorandum concerning patronage in St. Louis. Editor of Missouri "Democrat" appointed postmaster. Party divides into factions. "I have stoutly tried to keep out of the quarrel, and so mean to do." Memorandum Concerning Patronage in St. Louis, Missouri, 16 April 1863, CW, 6:178.

Saturday, April 16, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

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