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Monday, April 10, 1865.+-

Washington, DC.

Noah Brooks breakfasts at White House with Lincoln. "Castine" [Noah Brooks], Washington, April 12, 1865, in Sacramento Union, 8 May 1865.

Procession from the Navy Yard, led by the Marine Band and joined by the Lincoln Hospital Band and the Quartermaster's Band, grows to thousands and marches to the Executive Mansion in the morning. President makes brief speech at noon from second-story window and requests "Dixie," since Union forces have "fairly captured it." Response to Serenade, 10 April 1865, CW, 8:393-94; Evening Star (Washington, DC), 10 April 1865, 3d ed., Extra, 2:4; Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 10 April 1865, 2d ed., 2:6.

Interviews O. H. Browning on topics of the day. Browning, Diary.

Crowds serenade President throughout day. He makes extemporaneous speeches. LL, No. 1408; Response to Serenade, 10 April 1865, CW, 8:394-95.

Cabinet meets. Randall, Lincoln, 4:348.

President has photos made by Alexander Gardner. Frederick H. Meserve and Carl Sandburg, The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln (New York: Harcourt Brace, 1944), 10 April 1865.

At 5 P.M. large crowd with bands assembles at White House. President responds to serenade and promises to prepare speech for tomorrow. Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 11 April 1865, 2d ed., 2:4; Evening Star (Washington, DC), 11 April 1865, 2d ed., 3:1.

About 6 P.M. delegation of 15 men enters White House and meets President in hall. Spokesman for group makes speech and presents Lincoln with picture of himself in silver frame. William H. Crook, "Lincoln's Last Day: New Facts Now Told for the First Time. Compiled and written down by Margarita S. Gerry," Harper's Monthly Magazine 115 (September 1907):523.

Lincoln writes note to Sec. Stanton: "Tad wants some flags. Can he be accommodated." Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 10 April 1865, CW, 8:395.

Writes note to Sec. Welles: "Let Master Tad have a Navy sword." Abraham Lincoln to Gideon Welles, [10 April 1865?], CW, 8:395.