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Saturday, March 11, 1865.+-

Washington, DC.

President Lincoln issues a proclamation in which he commands "all deserters to return to their proper posts." Lincoln stipulates, "[A]ll deserters, who shall . . . on or before the tenth day of May 1865, return to service or report themselves to a Provost Marshal, shall be pardoned, on condition that they return to their regiments and companies, or to such other organizations as they may be assigned to, and serve the remainder of their original terms of enlistment and, in addition thereto, a period equal to the time lost by desertion." Proclamation Offering Pardon to Deserters, 11 March 1865, CW, 8:349-50.

Sends William Van Dalsan to Sec. Stanton with note. Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 11 March 1865, CW, 8:351.

Senate committee notifies President of adjournment unless he has further communications. Senate Journal, 355.

O. H. Browning and former Judge Hughes see President about schemes of J. W. Singleton to make millions trading in produce from southern states. Browning, Diary.

President discusses for hour terms of draft with delegation from first congressional district of Pennsylvania. Randall to Lincoln, 18 March 1865, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Mrs. Lincoln, assisted by President, holds her last afternoon reception of season from 1 to 5 P.M., with music provided by the Marine Band. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 11 March 1865, 2d ed., 2:4.

Nominates Private Secretary John G. Nicolay as consul in Paris at salary of $5,000, and Senate immediately and unanimously confirms the appointment. Nicolay to Bates, 12 March 1865, John G. Nicolay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Evening Star (Washington, DC), 13 March 1865, 2d ed., Extra, 2:4.