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Tuesday, March 7, 1865.+-

Washington, DC.

President interviews Judge Dixon (probably Judge William M. Dickson of Cincinnati) and issues pass to Nashville. Pass for Judge Dixon, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:342.

Spends much time endorsing applications for jobs and issuing orders for persons who own products of insurrectionary states to bring such products within military lines for sale to agents of government. Endorsement Concerning Phillip C. Schuyler, [c. 7 March 1865], CW, 8:338; Order Concerning James Andrews, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:339-40; Order Concerning Mrs. Charlotte Hough, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:340; Order Concerning Samuel H. Jones and John Talbot, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:341; Order Concerning Lucius H. Terry, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:341-42.

Interviews H. de Mareil, editor of French newspaper in New York, and gives him letter to Sec. Welles. Abraham Lincoln to Gideon Welles, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:343.

Senate confirms appointment of Hugh McCullough as Secretary of the Treasury. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 7 March 1865, 2d ed., Extra, 2:6; Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 7 March 1865, 2d ed., 2:4.

Cabinet meets. Welles, Diary.

President Lincoln writes to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant and confers upon him a "gold medal" and a "copy" of a "Joint Resolution of Congress, approved December 17, 1863." Lincoln adds, "Please accept, for yourself and all under your command, the renewed expression of my gratitude for your and their arduous and well-performed public service." Abraham Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant, 7 March 1865, CW, 8:339.

In the evening, President Lincoln arrives late at Grover's Theatre, where a company performs German composer Friedrich von Flotow's opera, Martha. A newspaper reports, "Mrs. Lincoln appeared in a private box quite early, and was afterwards joined by the President whose quiet arrival escaped notice until some moments after his entering the box, when he was greeted with hearty applause." Evening Star (Washington, DC), 7 March 1865, 1:4; 8 March 1865, 3d ed., Extra, 2:1; Daily National Republican (Washington, DC), 8 March 1865, 2d ed., Extra, 2:2.