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Friday, February 10, 1865.+-

Washington, DC.

President sends to House of Representatives copies of all documents pertaining to Hampton Roads Conference. Abraham Lincoln to the House of Representatives, 10 February 1865, CW, 8:274-85.

Confers with Col. Eaton regarding dispute in Congress relative to shifting Freedmen's Bureau from War Dept. to Treasury Dept. Abraham Lincoln to John Eaton, 10 February 1865, CW, 8:274.

Cabinet meets. Welles, Diary.

Sen. Davis (Ky.) calls on President to discuss release of certain prisoners of war. Endorsement Concerning Garrett Davis, 13 February 1865, CW, 8:293-94.

[Irwin withdraws $24 from Springfield Marine Bank to pay insurance on Lincoln's Springfield home. Pratt, Personal Finances, 178.]

President encloses to Rear Adm. Porter "joint resolution . . . tendering the thanks of Congress to yourself, the officers and men under your command, for their gallantry and good conduct in the capture of Fort Fisher." Abraham Lincoln to David D. Porter, 10 February 1865, CW, 8:285.

Transmits to Senate report from secretary of state "concerning recent conversations or communications with insurgents." Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, 10 February 1865, CW, 8:286-87.

Writes A. H. Stephens: "According to our agreement, your nephew, Lieut. Stephens, goes to you, bearing this note. Please, in return, to select and send to me, that officer of the same rank, imprisoned at Richmond, whose physical condition most urgently requires his release." Abraham Lincoln to Alexander H. Stephens, 10 February 1865, CW, 8:287-88.

In the evening, President Lincoln and Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Ambrose E. Burnside attend Ford's Theatre to watch a performance of the comedy, Everybody's Friend, followed by the farce, Love in Livery. A newspaper reports, "The audience welcomed the distinguished visitors with the most vociferous cheering, the orchestra struck up 'Hail to the Chief,' and for some moments the performance on the stage was altogether suspended. The President and General Grant remained until the close of the programme." Evening Star (Washington, DC), 10 February 1865, 1:3, 3:1; 11 February 1865, 2:6.