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Wednesday, February 1, 1865.+-

Washington, DC.

President approves resolution submitting Thirteenth Amendment to states. Resolution Submitting the Thirteenth Amendment to the States, 1 February 1865, CW, 8:253-54.

Interviews J. W. Singleton, who has talked with President Davis. Randall, Lincoln, 4:330.

Confers with Sen. Howe (Wis.) about idea of furloughing sick, proposed in letter of Mrs. Porter. Howe to Lincoln, 1 February 1865, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Interviews Henry Ward Beecher relative to outlook for peace. Abraham Lincoln to Henry W. Beecher, 27 February 1865, CW, 8:318-19.

Responds to serenade of crowd at White House celebrating passage of resolution sending Thirteenth Amendment to states. N.Y. Tribune, 3 February 1865; Response to a Serenade, 1 February 1865, CW, 8:254-55.

President seldom gets to bed before midnight. William H. Crook, "Lincoln as I Knew Him. Compiled and written down by Margarita S. Gerry," Harper's Monthly Magazine 114 (December 1906):110-11.

Telegraphs Maj. Eckert at City Point, Va.: "Call at Fortress-Monroe & put yourself under direction of Mr. S. [Seward] whom you will find there." Abraham Lincoln to Thomas T. Eckert, 1 February 1865, CW, 8:252.

Telegraphs Gen. Grant: "Let nothing which is transpiring, change, hinder, or delay your Military movements, or plans." Abraham Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant, 1 February 1865, CW, 8:252.