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Thursday, February 5, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

President congratulates Francisco Solano Lopez upon his election as President of Republic of Paraguay. Abraham Lincoln to Francisco S. Lopez, 5 February 1863, CW, 6:91-92.

Transmits to Senate two conventions between U.S. and Peru for settlement of claims. Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, 5 February 1863, CW, 6:92; Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, 5 February 1863, CW, 6:92-93.

Receives three gentlemen from Boston interested in Navy and directs them to Sec. Seward. Abraham Lincoln to William H. Seward, 5 February 1863, CW, 6:93.

Recognizes David Stackfold as consul of Argentine Republic at Boston. Washington Star, 9 February 1863.

9 P.M. President and Mrs. Lincoln have Gen. and Mrs. Marcy as guests. Invitation, 5 February 1863, George B. McClellan Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Lincoln receives January salary warrant for $2,022.33. Pratt, Personal Finances, 182.

President Lincoln writes to Major General Franz Sigel about the tone of an earlier letter he wrote to Sigel. Lincoln reveals that Brigadier General Carl Schurz "thinks I was a little cross in my late note to you." Lincoln apologizes and explains, "If I do get up a little temper I have no sufficient time to keep it up." Sigel recently complained that the President had slighted Sigel's comrade Brigadier General Julius Stahel. Abraham Lincoln to Franz Sigel, 5 February 1863, CW, 6:93.