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Saturday, December 14, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln writes to Arnold Fischel, with whom he met a few days earlier. A newspaper reported, "Rev. Dr. Fischel, of New York . . . urge[d] the appointment of Jewish chaplains for every military department, they being excluded by an act of Congress from the volunteer regiments." Lincoln writes, "[T]here are several particulars in which the present law . . . is supposed to be deficient, all of which I now design presenting to the appropriate Committee of Congress. I shall try to have a new law broad enough to cover what is desired by you in behalf of the Israelites." New York Herald, 13 December 1861, 3:3; Abraham Lincoln to Arnold Fischel, 14 December 1861, CW, 5:69; Isaac Markens, Abraham Lincoln and the Jews (New York: Isaac Markens, 1909): 8-9.

President recognizes Carl F. Adae as consul of Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz for Western U.S. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 19 December 1861, 2:4.

Sends to Senate copies of documents in case of Col. Dixon S. Miles accused of drunkenness at Bull Run. Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, 14 December 1861, CW, 5:70.

Mrs. Lincoln holds first formal reception of the season from 1 to 3 P.M. National Intelligencer, 14 December 1861; Evening Star (Washington, DC), 16 December 1861, 2:2.