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Tuesday, December 10, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Cabinet meets. New York deputation, consisting of Judge Henry E. Davies, New York Court of Appeals, and Messrs. Richard O'Gorman, New York lawyer, and Savage (probably James W.), argues importance of exchange of prisoners. Gen. Hunter's application to muster brigade of Indians dropped. Sec. Chase to discuss organization of courts at Beaufort, S.C., with Atty. Gen. Bates and make recommendation. Donald, Chase Diaries, 48-50.

Lincoln drafts dispatch concerning "Trent" affair in reply to Lord John Russell, British Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Draft of a Dispatch in Reply to Lord John Russell Concerning the Trent Affair, [10? December 1861], CW, 5:62-64.

President and Mrs. Lincoln attend evening wedding of Capt. Charles Griffin and Sally Carroll, daughter of William T. Carroll, clerk of Supreme Court. N.Y. Herald, 11 December 1861.