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Wednesday, December 4, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

President confers with Sen. James Harlan (Iowa) and Sen. Browning (Ill.) about military appointments. Browning, Diary.

Lincoln writes to Susannah Weathers, of Rossville, Indiana, and thanks her for sending him "[A] pair of socks so fine, and soft, and warm." He notes, "Your letter informs me that your maiden name was Crume, and that you were raised in Washington county, Kentucky, by which I infer that an uncle of mine by marriage was a relative of yours. Nearly, or quite sixty years ago, Ralph Crume married Mary Lincoln, a sister of my father, in Washington county, Kentucky." Abraham Lincoln to Mrs. Susannah Weathers, 4 December 1861, CW, 5:57.

Interviews Alexander T. Galt, minister of finance for Canada, regarding uneasiness in Canada over possible aggressive designs of U.S. Fred Landon, "Canadian Appreciation of Abraham Lincoln," Abraham Lincoln Quarterly 3 (September 1945):167.

With Mrs. Lincoln attends presentation of colors by Sen. Harris (N.Y.) to Harris Light Cavalry near Arlington, Va. Russell, Diary.

Authorizes Sec. Seward to answer request of Methodist ministers of California for permission to attend convention at New Orleans. McDougall to Lincoln, 3 December 1861, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Visits Asst. Sec. Fox in evening to consult on navy affairs. Fox, Diary, Gist-Blair Family Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Transmits to House of Representatives report relative to correspondence with foreign nations on rights of blockade, privateering, and "recognition of the so called Confederate States," and report "upon the subject of increasing and extending trade and commerce of the United States with Foreign Countries." Abraham Lincoln to the House of Representatives, 4 December 1861, CW, 5:55-56.

[Harness account charged 38ยข for "whip thong." Lutz Account Book.]