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Wednesday, October 2, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

President sympathizes with Abd ul Aziz Khan, Padischah of Empire of Ottoman Family, on death of brother and congratulates him on accession to throne. Abraham Lincoln to Padischah Abd ul Aziz Khan, 2 October 1861, CW, 4:546.

At noon attends military funeral of Gen. George Gibson. N.Y. Tribune, 3 October 1861.

In conversation with John G. Nicolay, refers to despair of Sec. Chase, unpopularity of Sec. Cameron, military and financial confusion in West. Nicolay, Lincoln's Secretary, 125.

Approves bill for $598.39 from Perry and Brother, dry goods, Penn. Ave. and 9th St. for purchases made by Mrs. Lincoln for refurnishing Executive Mansion. DNA—RG 217, General Accounting Office, 141-774.

Approves payment of $264.00 to Daniel Appleton and Co., New York, for books purchased for Executive Mansion library. [See September 5, 1861.] DNA—RG 217, General Accounting Office, 141-793.