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Monday, September 2, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

President orders Gen. Fremont: "It is therefore my order that you allow no man to be shot, under the proclamation [issued by Fremont August 30], without first having my approbation or consent. Secondly, . . . in relation to the confiscation of property, and the liberating slaves . . . Allow me . . . to ask, that you will . . . modify that paragraph so as to conform to the . . . act of Congress, . . . approved August 6th, 1861." Abraham Lincoln to John C. Fremont, 2 September 1861, CW, 4:506-7.

Lincoln and Sec. Seward review 2d and 5th Wisconsin Regiments of Gen. Rufus King's brigade. N.Y. Times, 3 September 1861.

[Irwin deposits $60 in Springfield Marine Bank, interest on Isaac Lindsay note. Pratt, Personal Finances, 164.

In New York, Mrs. Lincoln purchases from E. V. Haughwont and Co., 488-92 Broadway, "One fine Porcelain Dining Service of One Hundred and ninety pieces . . . decorated Royal Purple, and double gilt, with the Arms of the United States, on each piece, for the Presidential Mansion. . . . $3,195.00." DNA—RG 217, General Accounting Office, 141-541.]