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Thursday, August 29, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Colonel Richard D. Goodwin of New York, authorized to raise President's Life Guard regiment, meets with Lincoln to discuss recruitment. Wealthy men in New York are encouraging Goodwin to raise a brigade instead of a regiment. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 30 August 1861, 3:1.

[Mrs. Lincoln stays with Mrs. W. H. Seward in Auburn, N.Y. N.Y. Tribune, 30 August 1861.

John Hay, assistant secretary to President, leaves for Illinois to overcome illness. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 29 August 1861, 2:1.

For "altering collar" Lincoln's account is charged $1.00. Lutz Account Book.

In Niagara Falls, Mrs. Lincoln purchases from Mrs. James Davy, "2 sets of Mat & Cushion $30.00," and "1 Worked Table Cloth $25.00." DNA—RG 217 General Accounting Office 141-686.]