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Friday, May 17, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Representative of Washington County, Md., asks President to interfere in local matters to prevent civil war. N.Y. Tribune, 18 May 1861.

In the afternoon, the 1st Michigan Regiment and their band march to the White House, where they extend "their respects to Mr. Lincoln, who expressed himself highly gratified with their martial air." A newspaper reports, "[Former U.S. Senator Lewis] Cass [of Michigan] felt great interest in equipping and preparing its men, and felt . . . great pride in their appearance. . . . Michigan may well feel honored in such representations." New York Daily Tribune, 18 May 1861, 5:2.

John G. Nicolay, private secretary to President, makes official trip to Fortress Monroe, Va., in connection with newly formed army. Nicolay to Bates, 21 May 1861, John G. Nicolay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

[Mrs. Lincoln and party visit encampment in City Hall Park. N.Y. Times, 18 May 1861.

Mrs. Lincoln leaves New York at 5 P.M. for Boston. Baltimore Sun, 20 May 1861.]

Lincoln pays $5.50 on harness account. Lutz Account Book.

Writes check for $8.00 to "William." CW, 8:471.

Sec. Seward shows Lincoln letter from James W. Webb. "He asked me not to require him to read it. I shall not say what else he said." Seward comments, "It is the P—Gen. S[cott]—& I against the two C's [Chase and Cameron]. . . . The P. is all right." Seward to Weed, 17 May 1861, Thurlow Weed Papers, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.