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Monday, April 29, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Congressman Charles H. Van Wyck (N.Y.) asks Lincoln for temporary active duty while awaiting arrival of regiment. Van Wyck to Nicolay, 29 April 1861, John G. Nicolay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

New York committee calls upon President to state "with great clearness that the people were absolutely determined on maintaining their Government." New-York Daily Tribune, 1 May 1861, 5:1; National Republican (Washington, DC), 30 April 1861, 2:3-4.

Mayor Berret (Washington) makes formal call at White House. National Intelligencer, 1 March 1861.

Lincoln has picture made on White House lawn with citizen-soldiers of Cassius M. Clay Battalion. LL, No. 1450.

Borrows from Library of Congress "Placier Times and Transcript, part 2, 1855." Borrowers' Ledger 1859-62, 350, Archives of the Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Washington, DC. [San Francisco, Daily Placer Times and Transcript, 16 June 1851-17 December 1855.]

Writes Secretary of Navy Gideon Welles: "You will please to have as strong a War Steamer as you can conveniently put on that duty, to cruise upon the Potomac, and to look in upon, and, if practicable, examine the Bluff and vicinity, at what is called the White House [Va.], once or twice per day." Abraham Lincoln to Gideon Welles, 29 April 1861, CW, 4:348-49.