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Thursday, January 31, 1861.+-

Charleston, IL and Coles County, IL

Lincoln rides to stepmother's home, where he spends day. "While there he paid a visit to the grave of his father. In the evening he rode back to town, in company with his aged relative, and at the urgent request of the citizens of the place held an impromptu reception at one of the public halls." Though called upon, Lincoln declines to speak. Illinois State Journal, 2 February 1861.

"He stated that the time for a public definition of the policy of his administration had not come, and that he could but express his gratification at seeing so many of his friends and give them a hearty greeting." N.Y. Herald, 4 February 1861.

"[William H.] Herndon [Lincoln's law partner in Springfield] records that on this visit, besides seeing his stepmother, Lincoln met members of the Johnston and Hanks families, visited his father's grave, gave directions for a suitable stone marker, and made a brief public address at Charleston." James G. Randall, Mr. Lincoln, edited by Richard N. Current (New York: Dodd, Mead, 1957), 130.