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Friday, November 16, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

Kentucky visitor urges Lincoln to make up his cabinet of "conservative" men, including one or more from South. Lincoln tells his visitor "that the substance of his plan was that the Republicans should now again surrender the Government into the hands of the men they had just conquered, and that the cause should take to its bosom the enemy who had always fought it." ISLA—Nicolay Memo.

He writes to Nathanial P. Paschall, editor of "Missouri Republican," explaining his reasons for silence. "I am not at liberty to shift my ground. . . . If I thought a repetition would do any good I would make it. But my judgment is it would do positive harm. The secessionists, per se believing they had alarmed me, would clamor all the louder." Abraham Lincoln to Nathaniel P. Paschall, 16 November 1860, CW, 4:139-40.