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Friday, January 27, 1860.+-

Bloomington, IL and Pontiac, IL.

Lincoln delivers a lecture to the Young Men's Literary Association at the Presbyterian Church in Pontiac. The subject of his lecture is "The Wheel and Axle." He spends the night at the home of Jason W. Strevell in Pontiac. Sentinel (Pontiac, IL), 31 January 1860, 3:1; Charles N. Strevell, Story of the Strevell Museum: A Lifetime Hobby (Salt Lake City, UT: Board of Education, 1940), 47-51.

[In U.S. Circuit Court in Springfield, four of Lincoln's current cases come to trial. Rice v. Wing is dismissed at plaintiff's costs. In Fox v. Johnson, and Fox v. Dale, jury is sworn, but after plaintiff's evidence is shown, defendants default. Court continues Rice v. Blakeman by consent. Record.]