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Saturday, October 30, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL.

Supporters host a "grand reception" for Lincoln who has spent much of the month of October away from his hometown. One reporter claims that "never since Sangamon has been a county or Illinois a State, has the centre seen such an outpouring of the people to do a citizen honor. Never, never!" Supporters from Jacksonville and Decatur attend the rally, and participants from Logan and McLean counties, filling up thirty-two train cars, are in Springfield as well. The crowd is "so righteously enthusiastic" that "Speaking was out of the question. Lincoln tried it, and though he held at all times an audience of five thousand or more, something more demonstrative than his convincing and unimpassioned oratory was needed to satisfy the eager crowd." Chicago Daily Press and Tribune (IL), 2 November 1858, 1:3.

In a letter to Edward Lusk of Meredosia, Lincoln denies that he has ever been a member of the Know-Nothing party. Lincoln writes, "I stated in a public speech at Meredosia, that I am not, nor ever have been, connected with the party called the Know-Nothing party, or party calling themselves the American party." Abraham Lincoln to Edward Lusk, 30 October 1858, CW, 3:333.