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Sunday, June 27, 1858.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes a letter to Charles H. Ray, the editor of the Chicago Daily Tribune, to complain about an item that appeared in the previous day's issue. The Chicago Daily Tribune reprinted a story that originally ran in the June 24, 1858, issue of The Indianapolis Daily Journal. That item reported on the "Democratic Convention of the Seventh Congressional District" which was held in Terre Haute, Indiana on June 22. The article focused on the fact that John G. Davis's name "was not presented to the Convention." Davis is an Anti-Lecompton Democrat member of Congress from Indiana. The newspaper attributes "much dissatisfaction...among the Anti-Lecompton men" as the reason for Davis's omission from the ballot. Lincoln accuses Ray of editorializing in the Chicago Daily Tribune's reprint of the story. In the reprint, an additional paragraph follows the original item as it appeared in the Indiana paper. In the added paragraph, the writer asserts that even though Davis is an Anti-Lecompton Democrat, he has "proved true and faithful, and acted with the Republicans all through the session." The paper urges Republicans in Indiana's Seventh District to vote for his re-election to Congress. Lincoln accuses Ray of penning the "editorial" and scolds him for meddling in Indiana's political business: "How, in God's name, do you let such paragraphs into the Tribune, as the enclosed cut from that paper of yesterday?...What right have you to interfere in Indiana, more than they in Illinois? And what possible argument can be made why all Republicans shall stand out of Hon. John G. Davis' way, in his district in Indiana, that can not be made why all Republicans in Illinois shall stand out of Hon. S.A. Douglas' way?...I confess it astonishes me." Abraham Lincoln to Charles H. Ray, 27 June 1858, Cantigny, Colonel Robert R. McCormick Research Center, Wheaton, IL; Newton Bateman and Paul Selby, eds., Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois: Cook County Edition (Chicago: Munsell Publishing, 1905), 442; The Indianapolis Daily Journal (IN), 24 June 1858, 2:2; Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949 (Washington, D.C.: United States Printing Office, 1950), 1062; Chicago Daily Tribune (IL), 26 June 1858, 2:1.