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Monday, March 8, 1858.+-

Clinton, IL and Springfield, IL.

Lincoln sits as judge pro-tem on 20 cases in DeWitt Circuit Court, writing "Judge's Remarks" in judge's docket. Record.

Returning to Springfield by train, he receives $250 from Daniel Doup, for whom he has chancery case on file, and writes receipt. Photocopy.

Lincoln writes to Republican Congressman Owen Lovejoy, of Princeton, Illinois, and claims that he has "an inside view" about the Democrats' plan to persuade a Republican to run against Lovejoy. Lincoln warns some "have been urgently tempted by the enemy; and I think it is still the point for you to guard most vigilantly." Lincoln asks Lovejoy to consider the information "confidential; not that there is anything wrong in it; but that I have some highly valued friends who would not like me any the better for writing it." Abraham Lincoln to Owen Lovejoy, 8 March 1858, CW, 2:435-36.