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Saturday, September 23, 1854.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Lincoln writes to Illinois Central Railroad attorney Mason Brayman, of Chicago, and reports, "I have drawn on the I.C. R R Co or rather on you on their account, for $100." Lincoln explains, "The reason I have taken this liberty is, that since last fall, by your request I have declined all new business against the road, and out of which I suppose I could have realized several hundred dollars; [I] have attended . . . to a great variety of . . . business for the Co . . . and have received nothing. I wish now to be charged with this sum, to be taken into account on settlement." Abraham Lincoln to Mason Brayman, 23 September 1854, CW, 2:233-34.

Blanton et ux. v. Withers et al. is dismissed by Lincoln. Issue is joined in Chicago & Mississippi RR v. McLean County Bank & Gridley, bill for specific performance, Lincoln for complainant. Court finds for railroad; defendant is ordered to pay trust fund and costs, and granted appeal to Supreme Court. Record.