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Friday, March 31, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to Kentucky attorney George B. Kinkead, who represented Lincoln in the Fayette County, Kentucky, Circuit Court case of Oldham & Hemingway v. Lincoln et al.. Kinkead reported that the plaintiffs "dismissed their suit." Edward Oldham and Thomas Hemingway, both of Lexington, Kentucky, also sued Kinkead and Ninian W. Edwards, Lincoln's brother-in-law. Oldham and Hemingway hired Lincoln and Edwards to collect some debts for their company, and claimed that the defendants failed to pay them $472.54. Lincoln writes, "I expect and desire you to be paid a separate fee for your attention to that suit; and to authorize you to retain what you shall deem reasonable on that account, out of any money of mine which is, or may come into your hands." Petition, Affidavit, 11 May 1853, Oldham & Hemingway v. Lincoln et al.; Separate Answer of Abraham Lincoln, 27 May 1853, Oldham & Hemingway v. Lincoln et al., both in Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Kentucky State Archives, Frankfort, KY; Abraham Lincoln to George B. Kinkead, 31 March 1854, CW, 2:216-17.