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Wednesday, September 4, 1839.+-

Pittsfield, IL.

Lincoln writes two affidavits for the criminal case of People v. Edwards in the Pike County Circuit Court. Lincoln defends William W. Edwards, who seeks a new trial after a jury found him guilty of resisting an officer. Edwards claimed that one of the jurors was not a U. S. citizen. In separate affidavits, Thomas S. Edwards and Thomas Simpkin, the juror in question, declare that Simpkin "was born a subject of the King of Great Britain, and that he has never been naturalized according to the laws of the United States." Affidavit of Thomas S. Edwards (copy), 4 September 1839, People v. Edwards, copy files, IHi, Springfield, IL; Affidavit of Thomas Simpkin, 4 September 1839, People v. Edwards, IHi, Springfield, IL.