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Friday, February 1, 1839.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln presents petition of 631 citizens of Sangamon County "praying the repeal of all laws authorizing the retail of intoxicating liquors," which is, on his motion, referred to Judiciary Committee without reading. He votes yea with minority on granting third reading to "act to authorize limited partnerships."House Journal.

Lincoln writes to William Butler, of Springfield, Illinois, and addresses a rift between Butler and their mutual friend, Edward Baker. Lincoln notes the combative tone of Butler's letter to Baker, who "was writhing under a severe tooth-ache, and therefore he at that time was incapable of exercising that patience and reflection which the case required." Lincoln counsels, "It is always magnanamous to recant whatever we may have said in passion; and when you and Baker shall have done this, I am sure there will be no difficulty . . . left between you. I write this without Bakers knowledge; and I do it because nothing would be more painful to me than to see a difficulty between two of my most particular friends."Abraham Lincoln to William Butler, 1 February 1839, CW, 1:141-42.