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Monday, November 2, 1857.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln for plaintiff, Nancy M. Martin, and Voorhees for defendant argue demurrer which Lincoln filed in slander case of Martin v. Underwood. After argument, defendant withdraws five pleas and files plea of not guilty. Plaintiff joins issue thereon, whereupon defendant files affidavit and moves for continuance, which court orders. Record.

[Corneau & Diller puts on Lincoln's account another ounce of "Syrup Ipecac." Pratt, Personal Finances, 151.]

Tuesday, November 3, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

At election for county officers, justices of peace and constables, Lincoln is 289th voter. Election Returns.

Saturday, November 7, 1857.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln takes note for $80 from Milton Davis of Vermilion County. Maturity date is December 25, 1857, interest rate 10 per cent per annum (see March 28, 1859). Inventory Lincoln Estate.

Lincoln writes and signs a receipt for a $5 fee he received from James O'Neal. Lincoln represented O'Neal in the Vermilion County Circuit Court appeal case of O'Neal v. McArdle, a suit that resulted from a transaction involving a horse. The court ruled for defendant John McArdle. Judge's Notes, [October 1857 Term], O'Neal v. McArdle, Box 102; Order, 4 November 1857, O'Neal v. McArdle, Circuit Court Record F 1856-1858, 412; Receipt, 7 November 1857, O'Neal v. McArdle, Box 40, all in Vermilion County Circuit Court, Vermilion County Courthouse, Danville, IL.

He writes pardon petition for George High, sentenced in 1855 to three years in Champaign Circuit Court for horse stealing. Twenty-seven Vermilion County citizens sign. Petition to William H. Bissell for Pardon of George High, [7 November 1857], CW, 2:426.

Monday, November 9, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln adds his own endorsement to petition for George High's pardon, and takes documents to Gov. Bissell, who issues pardon. Petition to William H. Bissell for Pardon of George High, [7 November 1857], CW, 2:426.

Wednesday, November 11, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes and files replication of Carlow Buffom in Buffom v. Stockdale et al. in Sangamon Circuit Court. He signs partnership name, Lincoln & Herndon. Original owned by Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, Springfield, Ill.

Saturday, November 14, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Representing plaintiff in Bank of Commerce v. Emporium Real Estate & Manufacturing Co. in U.S. Circuit Court, Lincoln files bond for costs, declaration, notice, and protest. Nonpayment of promissory notes totalling $20,000 is alleged. Record.

Lincoln informs correspondent that it is impossible for him to attend courts in Coles or Edgar, or any counties in Judge Harlan's circuit. He therefore declines to undertake "Railroad suits. . . . I should be very pleased to oblige you if I could." Abraham Lincoln to Ozias Bailey, 14 November 1857, CW, 2:426.

Monday, November 16, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

[In Cass Circuit Court, Beardstown, People v. William Armstrong, murder, change of venue from Mason County, opens when state's attorney moves court to issue writs. Record.]

Thursday, November 19, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

[William Armstrong is brought before bar. Defense moves accussed be admitted to bail. Motion is denied. Record.]

Friday, November 20, 1857.+-

Beardstown, IL.

Lincoln has case in Cass Circuit Court. With Shaw, he represents defendant Jonathan Gill in divorce case. Jury finds for complainant. Record.

Saturday, November 21, 1857.+-

Beardstown, IL.

Lincoln and Dummer appear for complainant in Sprague v. Illinois River RR et al. Court orders injunction dissolved and bill dismissed. By agreement, decision is to be reviewed at next term of Supreme Court, and injunction is retained until decision is rendered (see February 4, 1858). Lincoln joins defense in People v. Armstrong, moving prisoner be admitted to bail. Motion is argued and denied. Record.

Tuesday, November 24, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Notice for dedimus and interrogatories in Gale v. Morgan County Bank in U.S. Circuit Court, drawn by Lincoln, is served on Stuart and Edwards, plaintiff's attorneys. Files.

Wednesday, November 25, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln files his notice for dedimus and interrogatories in Gale v. Morgan County Bank with clerk of U.S. Circuit Court. Photocopy.

Lincoln writes Jonathan Haines, client, asking him to meet him in Chicago next week. Abraham Lincoln to Jonathan Haines, 25 November 1857, CW, 2:426-27.

Friday, November 27, 1857.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes Joseph Brackett regarding pre-emption claims he had tried to file May 9, 1857. "I have been to the Land Office two or three times about it, and, for the last time, this morning. The Register will not receive and file the pre-emption proofs as you desire. He conceives it to be his duty to refuse." Abraham Lincoln to Joseph W. Brackett, 27 November 1857, CW, 2:427.

Saturday, November 28, 1857.+-

Chicago, IL.

Lincoln goes to Chicago for case which is to begin December 1, 1857. He expects to be away from Springfield one week. Abraham Lincoln to Jonathan Haines, 25 November 1857, CW, 2:426-27.

Sunday, November 29, 1857.+-

Chicago, IL.

Lincoln talks politics with Norman B. Judd, stating that he thinks Douglas is losing ground in northern Illinois. Judd to Trumbull, 30 November 1857, Lyman Trumbull Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, November 30, 1857.+-

Chicago, IL.

Lincoln writes Lyman Trumbull to ask him to serve notice on party to law suit. "What think you of the probable 'rumpus' among the democracy over the Kansas constitution? I think the Republicans should stand clear of it. In their view both the President and Douglas are wrong; and they should not espouse the cause of either, because they may consider the other a little farther wrong of the two." Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull, 30 November 1857, CW, 2:427-28.