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Thursday, June 1, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Divorce case—George Helmick v. Eliza Helmick—constitutes Lincoln's only court work. Complainant dismisses suit at his own costs. Lincoln alone appears for complainant. He writes and signs, for Davis, Lincoln, and Lamon, defendant's plea in Taylor v. Leonard. Record.

Friday, June 2, 1854.+-

Danville, IL.

Two of Lincoln's cases are continued. Third—Black et al. v. Black et al., partition suit—is heard "upon motion of petitioners by Lincoln & Lamon their solicitors." Defendants default, and commissioners are appointed. In Lamm v. Bachop, Lincoln writes and files pleas, signing Davis, Lincoln & Lamon. He writes order of court, which Judge Davis signs, in Murphy v. Pearson, chancery. Record; File; Photocopy.

Saturday, June 3, 1854.+-

Danville, IL to Urbana, IL.

Vermilion Circuit Court having adjourned, one of Lincoln's future biographers sees him for first time. Henry C. Whitney passes Lincoln, Davis, Swett, and D. B. Campbell on state road between Danville and Urbana. Traveling in two-seated spring wagon, they are in front of "Bailey," country tavern near county line, when he encounters them. Henry C. Whitney, Life on the Circuit with Lincoln (Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1892), 29.

Saturday, June 10, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes amended bill in VanBergen v. Singleton, signing "Logan, Lincoln & Herndon for complainant." Photocopy.

Monday, June 12, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Sangamon Circuit Court commences four-day term. Ten of Lincoln & Herndon's cases are called. In one—Francis for use of Pierce v. Loomis & Taylor—testimony of James H. Matheny is taken. Two cases are continued, and seven dismissed. Record.

Tuesday, June 13, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's court work consists mainly in entering motions and filing pleas in nine Lincoln & Herndon cases called. In one, however—Eads v. Griffin—defendant defaults, and Lincoln & Herndon obtain judgment for plaintiff in sum of $159.25. Record.

Lincoln writes M. K. Alexander of Paris, apologizing for his failure to attend to case for him in Clinton in May. Abraham Lincoln to Milton K. Alexander, [13 June 1854], CW, 2:218-19.

Wednesday, June 14, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

En route to Chicago, former President Millard Fillmore stops in Springfield, where Lincoln "introduce[s]" him to "a large concourse of citizens." A newspaper reports that in honor of the visit, "A national salute was . . . fired." "[Fillmore] expressed the highest admiration of this state . . . [and] confessed that he had no adequate idea of its immense resources until he had traversed its magnificent prairie." Illinois State Register (Springfield), 15 June 1854, 2:1.

Thursday, June 15, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Disposal of five cases winds up Lincoln's work in Sangamon Circuit Court. One is Rorax v. Arnold, tried March 25, 1854, when jury failed to agree. Now jury returns verdict for plaintiff. Lincoln & Herndon represent defendant. Record.

In Mary S. Smith et al. v. William Green et al., chancery, Lincoln writes answer of James C. Conkling, guardian, replication of complainant, and order of court. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

(See June 18, 1854.)

Friday, June 16, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to George B. Kinkead, his attorney at Lexington, Kentucky, anent letter and draft Kinkead recently sent to N. W. Edwards. In answer he writes: "I ran my eye over the contents of your letter, & only have to say you do not seem disposed to compensate yourself very liberally for the separate service you did for me." Abraham Lincoln to George B. Kinkead, 16 June 1854, CW, 2:219-20.

Sunday, June 18, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln, give or take one day, replies to June 15, 1854 letter from John Swallow of Postville, Logan County, who asked about legal status of property sold for fraudulent "consideration." Abraham Lincoln to John D. Swallow, [c. 15 June 1854], CW, 2:219.

Thursday, June 22, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes O. L. Davis, Danville attorney, that he has been unable to locate deed Davis asked him to find. "I have just made the desired search, and find that no such deed has ever been here. Campbell, the Auditor, says that if it were here, it would be in his office, and that he has hunted for it a dozen times, & could never find it." Abraham Lincoln to Oliver L. Davis, 22 June 1854, CW, 2:220.

Tuesday, June 27, 1854.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln has new shaft attached to his buggy, and body repaired ($1.75). Obed Lewis Account Books.