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Monday, October 3, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln writes to Peter Doty, clerk of Woodford Circuit Court: "Herein is the writ . . . which I brought off to get the Sheriff's return amended. Please place it with the papers again." He writes Mason Brayman that he is free to make engagement with Illinois Central in McLean County case: " 'Count me in'. . . . I shall be here at least ten days." Abraham Lincoln to Peter Doty, 3 October 1853, CW, 2:205; Abraham Lincoln to Mason Brayman, 3 October 1853, CW, 2:205.

Tuesday, October 4, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Purple & Lincoln, representing plaintiff, dismiss assumpsit suit, Kellogg v. Flint. Record.

Lincoln writes and files motion to quash indictment (cheating) in People v. Shaffer and Shaffer, change of venue from Peoria County. Photocopy.

He writes to John Connelley, register of Springfield Land Office, asking him to sign and date land certificate for Woodford County case, Gingrich v. Evans et al.Abraham Lincoln to John Connelley, 4 October 1853, CW, 2:206.

Wednesday, October 5, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

In Keener v. Hainline, Lincoln files affidavit for defendant stating that defendant believes plaintiff "is so unsettled as to endanger the officers of the Court with respect to their legal demands." Photocopy.

Thursday, October 6, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Plaintiff in Keener v. Hainline files bond for costs and case is continued. People v. Shaffer and Shaffer is called and continued. Record.

Friday, October 7, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln writes receipt to Illinois Central Railroad Company for $250 given to him by Mason Brayman as retainer in Illinois Central RR v. McLean County, Illinois & Parke. Illinois Central Magazine, February 1929, facsimile.

[Lincoln & Herndon collect from John E. Short estate for legal services rendered. Sangamon County Probate File.]

Saturday, October 8, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln writes and files answer for Eli Enslow, defendant and administrator of William W. Enslow, in Hodson et al. v. Enslow et al.. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, October 10, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln uses power of attorney to confess judgment for $113.50 in Higginson & Co. v. Gridley and Prettyman. Record.

Tuesday, October 11, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

Parker and Lincoln, counsel for plaintiff in Hamilton v. Haines et al., chancery, move court to set aside judgment and ask leave to amend their bill. Clerk is ordered to give notice of motion. Lincoln writes and files agreement to dismiss Yales & Yales v. Worley et al. Tazewell Circuit Court adjourns. Record; Photocopy.

[In Springfield, Herndon deposits $400 to his account in Marine Bank. Mrs. Lincoln buys cloth and buttons, charging Lincoln's account $1.26. Pratt, Personal Finances, 146, 162.]

Friday, October 14, 1853.+-

Pekin, IL.

[James F. Joy telegraphs Lincoln at Springfield asking him to act as arbitrator in dispute over crossing between Illinois Central and Northern Indiana railroads. P. S. Blackendt telegraphs same inquiry. Frederick T. Hill, Lincoln the Lawyer (New York: Century Co., 1906), 250.]

Monday, October 17, 1853.+-

Clinton, IL.

Fall term of DeWitt Circuit Court begins. Swett and Lincoln for appellant resist motion by Stuart and Moore to dismiss Barger v. Illinois Central RR, appeal from assessment of damages for right of way. Motion is overruled. Record.

Tuesday, October 18, 1853.+-

Clinton, IL.

Court finds for complainants in Smallwood et al. v. Allen, and orders that lands in litigation be divided in accordance with their bill. Lincoln, complainants' attorney, writes decree of court. Record; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Wednesday, October 19, 1853.+-

Clinton, IL.

Gridley, Wickizer, and Lincoln, for plaintiffs in Scott et ux. v. Ellis, argue demurrer filed for defendant by Lewis, Swett, and McWilliams. Demurrer is partially sustained, whereupon defendant is allowed to plead again. Plaintiffs join issue on plea. Record.

Thursday, October 20, 1853.+-

Clinton, IL.

Defendant in Scott et ux. v. Ellis obtains change of venue to Logan County. Barger v. Illinois Central RR, before court Monday, is tried before jury which awards appellant $637.33 damages. Illinois Central RR v. Hill, petition for right of way, is tried by Moore for plaintiff and Lincoln for defendant. Court takes it under advisement. Record.

Friday, October 21, 1853.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln and Scott lose Slatten v. Alsop & Clark, before court May 21, 1853, when they fail to file their answer within time specified. Lincoln writes order of court in Barger v. Illinois Central RR, and in Smallwood et al. v. Allen. In latter case he writes and files replication, for complainants. He writes answer of William Hutchin, defendant, in Hutchin et al. v. Hutchin & Hutchin, petition for partition. Record; Photocopy; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Saturday, October 22, 1853.+-

En route to Urbana, IL.

Leonard Swett recalled that in fall of 1853, as he and Lincoln were driving from Clinton to Urbana, Lincoln, at his request, told him of his early life. Rice, 456-68.

Monday, October 24, 1853.+-

Urbana, IL.

Fall term of Champaign Circuit Court begins. Lincoln has at least three cases, but record does not give dates on which they come to trial. He loses appeal, Lyons v. Rea, when court awards plaintiff $20 damages. In Davis et ux. v. Redmond et al., court orders distribution of net proceeds of sale of lands. Master is to keep $5 as further fee and "to pay to A. Lincoln, Esq. Fifteen Dollars as a counsel fee." Record.

Tuesday, October 25, 1853.+-

Urbana, IL.

Lincoln writes court order to partition land in Davis et ux. v. Redmond et al.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Wednesday, October 26, 1853.+-

Urbana, IL.

Lincoln collects $15 fee for services in Davis et ux. v. Redmond et al.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Friday, October 28, 1853.+-

Danville, IL.

Vermilion Circuit Court convenes. B. R. & J. Whitcomb v. Madden, trespass, Lincoln and Lamon for plaintiffs, continued from spring term, is again continued, at defendant's costs. Record.

Saturday, October 29, 1853.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln, signing "Davis, Lincoln & Lamon," joins issue for defendants in Lamm v. Bachop, assumpsit suit. Court finds for defendant. Defendant in Toney v. Sconce, trespass, consents that judgment for $5,000 damages be entered against her. Davis, Lincoln and Lamon for plaintiff remit all except $50. Lincoln writes court order. Record; Photocopy; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

[Mrs. Lincoln buy $4.66 worth of yard goods. Pratt, Personal Finances, 146.]

Monday, October 31, 1853.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln files pleas for defendants in Lamm v. Bachop and Helmick v. Helmick. In latter case he denies that defendant committed adultery, although her husband, in order to secure divorce, attempted to induce different men to make attempts on her chastity. Photocopy.

Murphy and Lincoln for complainant and Davis for defendant try Wilson et al. v. Kingsbury et al. Court takes it under advisement. Record.