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Monday, November 1, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

Article in "Register" induces Lincoln, B. S. Edwards, and Logan to write and publish opinion on Illinois election laws with respect to challenged votes. Their opinion, in which Judge Treat concurs, is that "any person taking the oath prescribed in the act of 1849, is entitled to vote, unless counter proof be made, satisfying a majority of the Judges that such oath is untrue." Illinois Journal, 2 November 1852; Opinion on Election Laws, 1 November 1852, CW, 2:160.

Tuesday, November 2, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Noah Johnston, appointed commissioners under act of legislature of June 22, 1852 to take evidence in relation to claims against Illinois and Michigan Canal, write notice, to be published in Chicago, Joliet, and Ottawa papers, informing claimants that they will meet at Ottawa on December 3, 1852 to take evidence. Illinois Reports, 1853, No. 9.

Lincoln writes, has Judge Davis sign, and mails to Clinton bill of exceptions in People v. Hinkle, indictment for improper sale of liquor. Photocopy.

Thursday, November 4, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

Complainants in Bank of Missouri v. Ryan et al. file copy of mortgage mentioned in their amended bill. Record.

Friday, November 5, 1852.+-

Shelbyville, IL.

Complainants in Stewardson v. Stewardson file replication written by Lincoln and signed by Moulton. Case is action for divorce. Photocopy.

Saturday, November 6, 1852.+-

Shelbyville, IL.

Jury grants complainant's petition for divorce in Stewardson v. Stewardson and awards $50 annual alimony. Decree of court is in Lincoln's handwriting. Photocopy.

In Alderson v. Noland et al., trespass vi et armis, plaintiff fails to file security for costs, as ordered by court, and case is dismissed. Lincoln is attorney for defendants, whose pleas he writes and files. Record; Photocopy.

Monday, November 8, 1852.+-

Shelbyville, IL.

[Moultrie Circuit Court begins its session at Sullivan.]

Wednesday, November 10, 1852.+-

[Danville, IL.

On July 6, 1853 Iroquois Journal of Middleport contains notice of this date that "Lincoln & Lamon, Attorneys at Law, having formed a co-partnership, will practice in the Courts of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, and the Superior Court, and all business entrusted to them will be attended to with promptness and fidelity. Office on the second floor of the 'Barnum Building,' over Whitcomb's Store."]

Thursday, November 11, 1852.+-

[Danville, IL.

[Macon Circuit Court convenes at Decatur.]

Friday, November 12, 1852.+-

Decatur, IL.

In Turpin v. Wilson, jury is waived and court orders that plaintiff recover $5 and costs. Defendant, Lincoln's client, appealed from justice's decision awarding plaintiff same amount "for injuries done to one large sow and pigs by dogs." Lincoln and Thorpe take nonsuit with leave to reinstate in Peck v. Froman, trespass. Record.

Saturday, November 13, 1852.+-

Decatur, IL.

Lincoln writes, signs, and files defendant's plea in Moffett et al. v. Moffett, ejectment suit. In Peck v. Froman, in which nonsuit with leave to reinstate was entered November 12, 1852, he joins issue on defendant's plea. Lincoln loses Hanks v. Hanks, trespass, when plaintiff, John Hanks, dismisses case. He also loses Taylor v. Rea, sheriff, when court upholds plea that Sheriff Rea owes plaintiff $167.27 due on execution against John B. Moffett's real estate. Two cases, Brown v. Peck & Peck, and John G. Taylor v. John B. Moffett, in which Lincoln represents defendants, are continued. Record; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, November 15, 1852.+-

Taylorville, IL.

State's attorney enters nolle prosequi in three criminal cases in which Lincoln is attorney for defendants,— People v. Davis and People v. Chick, indictment for cutting timber, and People v. Brown, assault with deadly weapon. Lincoln loses two appeals—Long v. Duncan and Lloyd v. Ward. He files two pleas for defendant in Lemon v. Hargis. Record; Photocopy.

Tuesday, November 16, 1852.+-

Taylorville, IL.

Lemon v. Hargis, in which plaintiff accuses Lincoln's client of unlawfully detaining four oxen, and demands $100 damages, is referred to umpires. Lincoln writes and files bond for costs in Page v. Tanner. In Markwell v. Howarth he writes and files affidavit for continuance. He loses Masterson v. Northcutt, trespass, when jury finds defendant not guilty. Record; Photocopy.

Wednesday, November 17, 1852.+-

Shelbyville, IL.

Moulton and Lincoln for complainant and Thorton for defendant in Stewardson v. Stewardson, in which divorce was granted November 6, 1852, file agreement stating that certain lands, bought by defendant with his wife's money and entered in her name, have been released to defendant with lien in favor of complainant to insure payment of alimony. Lincoln writes agreement. Record; Photocopy.

Lincoln writes note to Anson L. Brewer, Ohio attorney, on developments in Kelly v. Blackledge. Endorsement: Anson L. Brewer to Lincoln, [c. 17 November 1852], CW, 2:161.

Thursday, November 18, 1852.+-

Shelbyville, IL and Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Campbell leave for Springfield to seek of governor pardon for John Furrow and Thomas Rice, convicted in Oct. in Vermilion Circuit Court. Letter of David Davis, 15 November 1852, David Davis Papers, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL; Photocopy.

Monday, November 22, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes petition to governor for pardon of John A. L. Crockett, convicted of manslaughter and imprisoned, on ground that prisoner is feeble-minded. Petition to Augustus C. French for Pardon of John A. L. Crockett, [22 November 1852], CW, 2:161; Endorsement: Anthony Thornton to Augustus C. French, [c. 22 November 1852], CW, 2:161-62.

Wednesday, November 24, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes affidavit of Jacob Bunn, summons and capias in Bunn v. Houghton, assumpsit, Sangamon Circuit Court. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, November 29, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL.

In margin of record book opposite Cantrall mortgage of November 28, 1851, Lincoln writes: "Satisfied in full, this 29th day of November 1852. Witness my hand and seal. A. Lincoln." Book HH, 148; Endorsement on Mortgage from Thomas Cantrall and Elizabeth Cantrall, 29 November 1852, CW, 2:162.

Tuesday, November 30, 1852.+-

Springfield, IL and En route to Naples, IL.

Lincoln leaves for Ottawa where he and Noah Johnston are to sit as commissioners to hear claims against Illinois and Michigan Canal. He goes by way of Naples and Illinois River. Illinois Reports, 1853, No. 9.