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Tuesday, September 2, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendants in Sangamon & Alton cases file their pleas. Logan, Lincoln & Herndon file answer of one defendant in Glynn v. Glynn et al., chancery case. In Hall v. Powell, Lincoln & Herndon, for defendant, argue motion to set aside levy and sale. Court takes motion under advisement. Record.

Still seeking Alton railroad records, Lincoln writes to Robert Dunlap of Alton, Alton & Sangamon commissioner, asking him to mail immediately copy of Alton paper containing notice of stock sale. "Be sure you do not send a wrong paper." Abraham Lincoln to Robert Dunlap, 2 September 1851, CW, 2:111.

Wednesday, September 3, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Smith secure rule on defendants in Gilman et al. v. Hamilton et al. to answer in 60 days. On their motion B. S. Edwards is appointed guardian ad litem for infant defendants. Lincoln's only other case is continued. Record.

Thursday, September 4, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln & Herndon, representing plaintiff, dismiss replevin suit against Peter Van Bergen. Porter v. Sangamon County, Illinois is continued with leave to Lincoln & Herndon to file amended bill. Record.

Saturday, September 6, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln & Herndon lose Robbins v. Morgan, appeal, when jury finds for plaintiff in sum of $75. Record.

Mortgage taken by Lincoln from Ruckel August 15, 1851 is recorded. Mortgage Record, GG, 440-41.

Monday, September 8, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Five of Lincoln & Herndon's cases are called. They dismiss one, their opponents dismiss another, third is dismissed by agreement, and fourth and fifth are continued. Record.

Tuesday, September 9, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Sangamon Circuit Court adjourns. Illinois Journal, 10 September 1851.]

Wednesday, September 10, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Tazewell Circuit Court convenes. In Jones v. Maus, action for trespass vi et armis, Lincoln and Parker for plaintiff move that damages demanded in declaration be made to conform to writ. Lincoln files answer of A. H. Saltonstall, guardian ad litem for infant defendants in Opdycke v. Opdycke & Opdycke. Record; Photocopy.

Saturday, September 13, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

In Doolittle et al. v. Bailey et al., bill for relief before court April 9, 1851, Lincoln, Jones, and Merriman, attorneys for complainant, are granted injunction. Two other cases of Lincoln's—Prettyman v. Yacle and Prettyman v. Stoltz—are continued. Record.

Monday, September 15, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln writes and files defendant's answer in Rorebeck v. Bennett. Photocopy.

Tuesday, September 16, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Prettyman and Merriman file demurrer to plaintiff's replication in Atchison for use of Allen v. Pekin, Illinois. Court sustains demurrer and leave is granted defendant to amend his plea. Lincoln and James, for plaintiff, file replication to amended plea. Defendant again demurs but demurrer is overruled. Case is action in debt. Record.

Lincoln writes, for plaintiff in Harris v. Shaw et al., agreement on facts with Briggs, Prettyman, and Purple, representing defendants, in case to be tried by court. Photocopy.

Thursday, September 18, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Purple, attorney for defendants in Doolittle et al. v. Bailey et al., moves for dissolution of injunction. Defendants also file answer to which plaintiff excepts. Exception is sustained and he is given 30 days to amend his bill. Record.

Lincoln and James file replication in Atchison for use of Allen v. Pekin, Illinois. Photocopy.

Friday, September 19, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln, signing "Holmes, James & Lincoln," files replication to another plea in Atchison for use of Allen v. Pekin, Illinois. Issue is joined, jury fails to agree and is discharged. Lincoln also writes and files replication in Hamilton v. Pekin, Illinois. Both cases are actions for debt. Record; Photocopy.

Tuesday, September 23, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Two of Lincoln's cases are called and continued. Record.

Lincoln writes affidavit of Samuel Hall in Perkins v. Hall and has it sworn by defendant. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Wednesday, September 24, 1851.+-

Pekin, IL.

Lincoln writes and files decree of court in Opdycke v. Opdycke & Opdycke. Allegations of complainant's bill are taken as true except that alleging depredations on complainant's timber, which is not proved. Complainant is ordered to sell lands in question and invest proceeds for benefit of defendants. Record.

Thursday, September 25, 1851.+-

Metamora, IL.

Woodford Circuit Court convenes. Lincoln and Clark dismiss Hornbuckle v. Neal at cost of their client, plaintiff. Record.

Friday, September 26, 1851.+-

Metamora, IL.

In Eddy & Jameson v. Delph, defendant confesses owing $438.21 and court grants Lincoln power of attorney for execution. Record.

Saturday, September 27, 1851.+-

Metamora, IL.

Gridley and Lincoln, for defendant, move to dismiss indictment for perjury—People v. Johnson; motion is denied. Defendant gives bond for appearance at next term. Lincoln, Clark, and Gridley dismiss Gingrich v. Evans et al., trespass. Record.

Monday, September 29, 1851.+-

Bloomington, IL.

McLean Circuit Court begins its session. Only one case, Thompson v. Henline, can be definitely assigned as Lincoln's, and it is continued. Record.

Tuesday, September 30, 1851.+-

Bloomington, IL.

In Thompson v. Patton, slander, Lincoln's client, defendant, is ruled to plead by tomorrow. Record.

Lincoln writes and signs replication. He writes joinder in issue, which plaintiff's counsel, Gridley and Stuart, sign. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.