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Tuesday, December 2, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

John Hutchinson and Mary L. Hutchinson convey to Lincoln lot 490 in Hutchinson's Cemetery. Price of lot is $15. Book HH, 189-90.

This is probably lot in which Edward Lincoln was buried.

Saturday, December 6, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

In margin of mortgage book Lincoln records satisfaction of mortgage he took from John Hay May 7, 1849. Book CC, 43.

Lincoln writes, and he and Stephen T. Logan sign, arbitration award in dispute between David Spear and Isaac P. Spear. Arbitration Award in Dispute between David Spear and Isaac P. Spear, 6 December 1851, CW, 2:114.

Monday, December 8, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes and files in Sangamon Circuit Court affidavit in Penny v. McHenry. He also writes bill of exceptions and certifies transcript in case. He writes and signs "Lincoln & Herndon" to joinder in pleas in Husband v. Elder. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

[Illinois Supreme Court convenes at Springfield. Illinois Journal, 9 December 1851.]

Wednesday, December 10, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Mortgage taken by Lincoln from Cantralls November 28, 1851 is recorded. Book HH, 148.

Thursday, December 11, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes and signs reply to assignment of errors in Penny v. McHenry. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, December 15, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln makes copy of declaration in Alton & Sangamon RR v. Barret, and writes argument he intends to use when case reaches Supreme Court. Photocopy.

[Opening of U.S. District and Circuit Courts is delayed by absence of Judge Drummond. He left Chicago by stage on Friday but has not arrived. Register, 16 December 1851.]

Tuesday, December 16, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Judge Drummond arrives late at night. Register, 18 December 1851.]

Wednesday, December 17, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

[U.S. District Court convenes. "After hearing a few motions, the court adjourned. . . . We understand there is a full docket, and the probability is there will be a lengthy session." Register, 18 December 1851.]

Friday, December 19, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Chumasaro for plaintiffs and Logan and Powell for defendants try Columbus Insurance Co. v. Peoria Bridge Co. in U.S. Circuit Court. Plaintiffs are suing certain stockholders of Peoria Bridge Co. for damages sustained by them as insurers of canal boat and cargo sunk by striking pier of bridge in Illinois River. Register, 20 December 1851.

Saturday, December 20, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Trial of Columbus Insurance Co. v. Peoria Bridge Co. continues. Defendants plead act of legislature authorizing construction of bridge. Case turns on question of power of state to authorize obstruction of navigable stream. Court takes the case under advisement. Register, 20 December 1851.

Monday, December 22, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Whig state convention meets. Lincoln is appointed to committee on resolutions and committee of seven to nominate four delegates to Whig national convention and to select Whig central committee. Committee's selections are approved and convention to nominate candidates for state offices is called for July 7, 1851. Illinois Journal, 24 December 1851.

Mrs. Lincoln buys 46ยข piece of silk at John Williams & Co. Pratt, Personal Finances, 145.

Thursday, December 25, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln buys $4 worth of merchandise. Irwin Ledger.

Wednesday, December 31, 1851.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln deposits $9.91 cash. Irwin Ledger.