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Wednesday, November 1, 1848.+-

Lacon, IL.

"Dr. Henry . . . and Hon. A. Lincoln addressed a numerous assemblage of our citizens from all parts of the county. . . . [Lincoln] declared that the contest was between Taylor and Cass . . . and admonished all `Liberty' or Van Buren men . . . to cast their votes for Gen. Taylor, and not indirectly for Gen. Cass. . . . After listening about four hours . . . the audience retired, highly entertained and instructed."Illinois Gazette, 4 November 1848; Speech at Lacon, Illinois, 1 November 1848, CW, 2:14.

Thursday, November 2, 1848.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln and Henry continue tour.Illinois Journal, 27 October 1848.

[Mrs. Lincoln buys $2.80 worth of cloth and $.4.30 in merchandise.Irwin Ledger.]

Friday, November 3, 1848.+-

Tremont, IL.

Again leaving Henry temporarily, Lincoln goes to Tremont where he addresses Whig meeting at one o'clock.Illinois Journal, 27 October 1848.

Saturday, November 4, 1848.+-

Pekin, IL and Peoria, IL.

Lincoln and Henry again join forces and address Whig meeting at Pekin in afternoon, and at Peoria after dark.Illinois Journal, 27 October 1848; Peoria Democratic Press, 8 November 1848.

Tuesday, November 7, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

Election day. Lincoln votes for Whig presidential electors.Election Returns.

Wednesday, November 8, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

["Information received by the telegraph . . . indicates the election of General Taylor, . . ." writes Polk in his Diary. "Without political information and without experience in civil life, he is wholly unqualified for the station, and being elected by the Federal party and by the various factions of dissatisfied persons who have from time to time broken off from the Democratic party, he must be under their absolute control."]

Thursday, November 16, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's bank balance is credited $23.23 in interest. He draws 91¢ cash, buys groceries with it, and buys pair of brass candlesticks, charged to his account.Irwin Ledger and Journal.

Saturday, November 18, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

On back of rent note given him by C. Ludlum, Lincoln writes receipt for $90.Privately owned.

Tuesday, November 21, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln draws on his account for $355 to pay bills.Irwin Ledger.

Thursday, November 23, 1848.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln deposits $30 received from client.Irwin Ledger.

Sunday, November 26, 1848.+-

En route to Washington, DC.

By this date Lincoln must have left for Washington. He goes by way of St. Louis and Ohio River.Abraham Lincoln to Charles R. Welles, 20 February 1849, CW, 2:29-30.

Tuesday, November 28, 1848.+-

En route to Washington, DC.

[Mrs. Lincoln buys pair of gaiters, $1.50, and half yard white crape, 37¢.Irwin Ledger and Journal.]