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Thursday, June 3, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Macon County Circuit Court convenes at Decatur.]

Monday, June 7, 1847.+-

Taylorville, IL.

On opening day of Christian County Circuit Court, Lincoln & Herndon for plaintiff in Faith v. Vandeveer submit to nonsuit with leave to move court to set aside. Their declaration asks $100 damages for "bright sorrel mare," which defendant refuses to return. Lincoln, for defendant in White v. White, appeal from Justice of the Peace court, loses when court orders defendant to pay plaintiff $26 and costs. Court finds for defendant, Lincoln's client, in White v. Northcutt. Record.

[In Springfield, convention called to frame new state constitution begins work. It sits until August 31, 1847. U.S. Circuit Court also begins session.]

Wednesday, June 16, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln represents defendants in Donaldson v. Reynolds and Walker in U.S. Circuit Court. By agreement plaintiff is ordered to recover $900 debt and one cent damages.Record.

Thursday, June 17, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln & Herndon win U.S. Circuit Court case of Thomas C. Rockwell & Co. v. Bradford & Brother, getting $4,100 judgment for plaintiff. [Nine years later, Lincoln wonders if judgment was paid. Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Gillespie, 2 August 1856, CW, 2:357.]

Saturday, June 19, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln deposits $7.50 in his account in bill receivable from G. Smith. Irwin Ledger.

Sunday, June 20, 1847.+-

Langston's Settlement, Sangamon County, IL.

Lincoln and S. S. Brooks attend meeting of local temperance society. "Interesting meeting. Mr. Lincoln made an excellent address—none signed pledges." IHi—Minutes of the Sangamon County Temperance Union.

Wednesday, June 23, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln buys 2½ yards black cloth for $15, coat trimmings, $2.62, sprucing up for Chicago convention, and $18.37 in merchandise to run household while he is gone. Irwin Ledger and Journal.

Thursday, June 24, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to fellow attorney Orville H. Browning, of Quincy, and reports on the constitutional convention meeting in Springfield. Lincoln writes, "I am not easy about the Courts. I am satisfied with them as they are." Lincoln does not oppose the popular election of judges and "term . . . limit[s]." Lincoln opposes "'A Puppy Court' that is, a Judge in each county, with civil jurisdiction in all cases up to a thousand dollars, and criminal, in all cases not capital . . . 'A Migratory Supreme Court' and Salaries so low as to exclude all respectable talent. From these, may God preserve us." Abraham Lincoln to Orville H. Browning, 24 June 1847, CW, 1:394-95.

Tuesday, June 29, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln buys $1.25 pair suspenders, completing convention wardrobe. Irwin Ledger and Journal.

Wednesday, June 30, 1847.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln, member of committee of ten, writes open letter to "People of Sangamon County" appealing for subscriptions to stock of projected railroad, Springfield to Alton. His name heads list of signers. Letter is published in Sangamo Journal on July 6, 1847, in Register on July 9, 1847.Open Letter on Springfield and Alton Railroad, 30 June 1847, CW, 1:395-98.