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Sunday, December 1, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Robert Irwin & Co. pays $5 into Lincoln's account, evidently legal fee.Irwin Ledger.

Monday, December 2, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

U.S. Circuit Court convenes, David J. Baker, attorney for defendant in Napier v. Wooldridge, files plea, saying there is no judgment for $681.44 against Wooldridge in St. Louis court. Wooldridge says he paid judgment before this suit began, and that plaintiff owes him $800 for goods and $900 for two Negroes.Record.

Lincoln's account is debited $1.20 for 15 pounds of 8 penny nails which "Robinson," workman, collected, $5.25 for 21 pounds of feathers, and $6.70 for groceries.Irwin Ledger and Journal.

Wednesday, December 4, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

In U.S. Circuit Court, on motion of Logan & Lincoln, attorneys for plaintiffs in Woods et al. v. Yates et al., defendants are ruled to plead by tomorrow morning.Record.

Thursday, December 5, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendants default and court orders land sold to pay debt of $457.47 and damages of $158.81 in Woods et al. v. Yates et al. in U.S. Circuit Court. Logan & Lincoln appear for plaintiffs.Record.

Friday, December 6, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes Samuel D. Marshall, attorney at Shawneetown, explaining what action he will take in several Supreme Court cases sent to him by Marshall.Abraham Lincoln to Samuel D. Marshall, 6 December 1844, CW, 1:342.

Logan & Lincoln file replication, demurrer, and exceptions to defendant's plea in Napier v. Wooldridge in U.S. Circuit Court.Record.

Saturday, December 7, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln enter motion to withdraw replication filed yesterday in Napier v. Wooldridge in U.S. Circuit Court.Record.

Monday, December 9, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Napier v. Wooldridge, defendant withdraws his plea and plaintiff agrees to take no exceptions to defendant's notice. William H. Herndon is admitted to Sangamon County bar. In Supreme Court, Robbins, attorney for plaintiffs, files motions inLockridge v. Foster and Lazell v. Francis. Logan & Lincoln represent defendants.Record.

Tuesday, December 10, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Plaintiff in Favor v. Marlett et al. (SC), is ruled to file abstracts by 14th. Lincoln and Dickey represent plaintiff and Peters defendant.Record.

At Whig caucus Lincoln, Logan, and Hardin are nominated Whig candidates for U.S. Senate. On first ballot Hardin gets two-thirds of votes, and is chosen party nominee. Mrs. Lincoln acquires four yards gimp, 25ยข.Irwin Journal.

Wednesday, December 11, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendant in Morgan v. Griffin (SC), by his attorneys, Lincoln, Hardin, and Smith, moves court to dismiss writ of error because plaintiff has not filed sufficient record.Record.

Trial of Charles H. Chapman of Chicago for perjury under bankruptcy act begins in U.S. Circuit Court. Logan & Lincoln represent the defendant in United States v. Chapman.Alton Telegraph, 21 December 1844.

Thursday, December 12, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

McDougall, attorney for plaintiff in Morgan v. Griffin (SC) suggests dimunition of record and moves court for writ of certiorari. Record.

Chapman trial continues in U.S. Circuit Court.Alton Telegraph, 21 December 1844.

Lincoln signs "Lincoln for Deft." to stipulation written by M. Brayman, attorney for plaintiff in Charles H. Valentine & Co. v. John Delany.Photocopy.

Friday, December 13, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendant moves court for additional security on supersedeas bond filed in Kimball v. Cook (SC). Butterfield is attorney for plaintiff and Lincoln and Dickey for defendant.Record.

Chapman trial continues. Newspaper reports that it has been conducted with great ability on part of Justin Butterfield, U.S. district attorney, and Logan & Lincoln.Alton Telegraph, 21 December 1844.

Saturday, December 14, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln lose their case when jury finds Chapman guilty of perjury. Their plea for new trial is denied.Alton Telegraph, 21 December 1844.

Exact date cannot be ascertained, but partnership of Lincoln & Herndon begins soon after Herndon's admittance to bar December 9, 1844.Herndon & Weik, 211-12.

Monday, December 16, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Beaumarchais, attorney for plaintiff in Kelly v. Garrett (SC), moves court for leave to withdraw transcript and to prepare abstract. Lincoln is plaintiff's other attorney, and Logan appears for defendant, which indicates their partnership has been dissolved.Record.

Lincoln deposits $5, his share of fee in Hiram Penny case.Irwin Ledger.

Tuesday, December 17, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes J. J. Hardin that he wishes J. R. Diller appointed postmaster in Springfield to succeed George W. Spottswood, deceased. "I do not perceive how you can effect any thing; but if you can and will, you will oblige at least." [Diller was appointed and held office to 1849.]Abraham Lincoln to John J. Hardin, 17 December 1844, CW, 1:342-43.

Wednesday, December 18, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln file replication to defendant's plea in Napier v. Wooldridge in U.S. Circuit Court.Record.

Thursday, December 19, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defeat of Henry Clay discourages many Springfield Whigs, including Lincoln. They hold meeting to discuss future of Whig party. Mass meeting had been held in St. Louis November 25, 1844 to organize American-Republican party.John T. Stuart to John J. Hardin, 18 December 1844, John J. Hardin Papers, Chicago History Museum, Chicago, IL.

Friday, December 20, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Wren v. Moss et al. (SC), plaintiff's attorneys, Lincoln and Powell, file motion that writ of error be issued, and file affidavit of Clarissa Wren.Record.

Saturday, December 21, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln argues his motion for new trial for Charles H. Chapman, convicted December 14, 1844 of perjury. Butterfield resists motion.Missouri Republican, 24 December 1844.

Supreme Court orders Dorman et ux. v. Lane reargued. Lincoln represents plaintiff in error, and Trumbull defendant in error.Record.

Monday, December 23, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendant files rejoinder in Napier v. Wooldridge in U.S. Circuit Court. Plaintiff, by Logan & Lincoln, files demurrer. Record. Judge Nathaniel Pope sentences Charles H. Chapman to five years in penitentiary. Logan & Lincoln fail to obtain new trial.Alton Telegraph, 28 December 1844.

Tuesday, December 24, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Powell argue motion made on 20th to issue writ of error in Wren v. Moss et al. Purple and Peters resist motion.Record.

Thursday, December 26, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Supreme Court accepts motion in Wren v. Moss et al., and orders defendants to appear at next term.Record.

Lincoln's account is debited $3.50 for money paid to Biddle, tailor.Irwin Ledger.

Friday, December 27, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

In U.S. Circuit Court, defendant in Napier v. Wooldridge files his rejoinder to Logan & Lincoln's replication, and affidavit for continuance.Record.

Lincoln buys merchandise, $3.50.Irwin Ledger.

Tuesday, December 31, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's bank account gains $13.65 by year-end balance.Irwin Ledger.