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Thursday, October 3, 1844.+-

Jacksonville, IL.

Whig rally and barbecue is addressed by Lincoln, D. M. Woodson, William I. Ferguson, and others. Much enthusiasm is expressed and all appear confident of success at polls.Sangamo Journal, 10 October 1844; Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye, 26 October 1844.

[Piatt Circuit Court convenes at Monticello.]

Saturday, October 5, 1844.+-

Jacksonville, IL.

[Lincoln's account is debited 38¢ for pair of child's shoes, and $9.39 for merchandise.Irwin Ledger and Journal.

Monday, October 7, 1844.+-

Virginia, IL.

Thayer v. Farrell, attachment suit, is called in Cass Circuit Court. By agreement case is moved to Sangamon County on change of venue. Logan & Lincoln appear for plaintiff and Delahay and Baker for defendant.Record.

[Macon Circuit Court convenes for one-day term.]

Wednesday, October 9, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln file praecipe and pray issue of summons against defendant in Napier v. Wooldridge in U.S. Circuit Court. Record.

Lincoln's name is among prominent Whigs advertised to attend Whig mass meeting in Decatur today.Sangamo Journal, 26 September 1844.

Thursday, October 10, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Lincoln's account is charged $1.31 for cloth, pair of black hose, and tape.Irwin Journal.

Moultrie Circuit Court convenes at Sullivan.]

Monday, October 14, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Shelby Circuit Court convenes for two-day term at Shelbyville.]

Tuesday, October 15, 1844.+-

Peoria, IL.

Lincoln appears for plaintiff in Peoria Circuit Court in Spies v. Neal et al. Spies, New York merchant, got judgment by default for $1,273 debt and $52.41 damages in May 1839. On October 2, 1844, Spies purchased property levied upon at sheriff's sale. Lincoln asks court to set aside levy on execution issued on judgment.Record.

Wednesday, October 16, 1844.+-

Peoria, IL.

[Sometime during 1844 Lincoln and William L. May engage in heated debate at Main Street Presbyterian Church in Peoria. Date of encounter has not been definitely determined, but some evidence indicates that it was three-day debate commencing October 15, 1844.Peoria Transcript, 21 April 1881, 23 April 1881; ISLA—Ernest E. East to H. E. Pratt, 19 July 1938.]

Thursday, October 17, 1844.+-

Peoria, IL and Springfield, IL.

Lincoln returns home and buys 12¼ yards of cloth ($2.95), 6 yards white flannel ($4.50), and a dozen pearl buttons, for winter underwear.Irwin Journal and Ledger.

Friday, October 18, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln draws from auditor warrant for $150 for Judge John D. Caton, part of judge's salary for quarter ending September 30, 1844 as member of Supreme Court of Illinois.Warrant Register, Auditor's Office.

Saturday, October 19, 1844.+-

Springfield, IL.

In U.S. Circuit Court Logan & Lincoln, plaintiffs' attorneys, file suit to foreclose mortgage executed by defendants in Woods et al. v. Yates et al., and ask that summons be issued. Mortgage was made February 8, 1843, on 160 acres in Christian County to secure $457 to Woods, Christy & Co. of St. Louis.Record.

Monday, October 21, 1844.+-

Charleston, IL.

Lincoln represents defendant in Alexander v. Affleck as Coles Circuit Court convenes.Record.

Thursday, October 24, 1844.+-

Charleston, IL.

[It is probable that Lincoln started for Vincennes latter part of this week. He is said to have been guest of Judge Abner T. Ellis, though there is no record that he made address in Vincennes. Major William Bruce, for whom Bruceville, Indiana was named, claimed that Lincoln spoke in brick schoolhouse in Bruceville.LL, No. 271.]

Friday, October 25, 1844.+-

Charleston, IL.

[There is a tradition that Lincoln gave political address in Washington, Indiana, under large elm tree at Third and Main streets and engaged in law suit in Daviess County Court. LL, No. 271.]

Monday, October 28, 1844.+-

Charleston, IL.

[Christian Circuit Court meets for one-day term.]

Wednesday, October 30, 1844.+-

Rockport, IN.

Lincoln speaks to large audience at court house in evening. He sets forth main arguments for protective tariff. He is followed by the friend of his youth, John Pitcher.(Rockport) Indiana Herald, 1 November 1844; Speech at Rockport, Indiana, 30 October 1844, CW, 1:341-42.

[Mrs. Lincoln's hired girl collects tapes at store, 13¢.Irwin Ledger.]

Thursday, October 31, 1844.+-

Rockport, IN.

[If Lincoln attended meeting of Clay Club at Evansville, Indiana November 1, 1844, he spent today on road from Rockport to Evansville. Logan Circuit Court convenes at Postville. Logan & Lincoln are attorneys for plaintiff in partition suit of Drury Martin and Sarah Martin v. Thomas Lowry et al., which is heard this term.]