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Saturday, September 2, 1843.+-

Springfield, IL.

Obed Lewis' carriage shop repairs tire and floor of Lincoln's buggy ($1.25).Obed Lewis Account Books.

Wednesday, September 6, 1843.+-

Tremont, IL.

In Tazewell Circuit Court, Lincoln, representing defendants in Davis v. Frazer and Wilson, moves to quash scire facias.Record.

Thursday, September 7, 1843.+-

Tremont, IL.

Lincoln appears for defendants in Cromwell & McNaghton v. Hewitt & Davenport. On motion of Leonard, attorney for complainant, case is continued. He appears for plaintiff in Williams v. Hughes and gets judgment by default for $455.54.Record.

Friday, September 8, 1843.+-

Tremont, IL.

Leonard, attorney for complainants in Cromwell & McNaghton v. Baker & Tazewell County, Illinois, moves defendants be ruled to file their answer by tomorrow. Logan and Lincoln appear for defendants.Record.

Saturday, September 9, 1843.+-

Tremont, IL.

On motion of plaintiff's attorneys, Logan & Lincoln, May v. Greene & Loose is continued.Record.

Lincoln's answer of arbitrator's in Scott v. Davenport, written April 18, 1843, is filed in Tazewell Circuit Court.Photocopy.

Tuesday, September 12, 1843.+-

Tremont, IL.

Defendants default in Cromwell & McNaghton v. Baker & Tazewell County, Illinois; plaintiff is awarded $2,123.23. Leonard is attorney for plaintiff, Logan & Lincoln for defendant.Record.

Wednesday, September 13, 1843.+-

En route to Hanover, IL.

Thursday, September 14, 1843.+-

Hanover, IL.

Woodford Circuit Court opens for two-day term. Cassel for use of Crocker v. Robinson is argued before jury. Holland appears for defendant and Lincoln for plaintiff.Record.

Monday, September 18, 1843.+-

Bloomington, IL?

[McLean County Circuit Court convenes for six-day term.]

Wednesday, September 20, 1843.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Lincoln pays clerk's fees in two cases of Wood & Abbott v. Thomas et al.Fee Book.

Monday, September 25, 1843.+-

Bloomington, IL.

[Livingston County Circuit Court holds one-day session at Pontiac.]

Tuesday, September 26, 1843.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes and swears before John Calhoun affidavit of James D. Smith for McDowall v. Humphries et al., DeWitt County case.Photocopy.

Thursday, September 28, 1843.+-

Clinton, IL.

DeWitt County Circuit Court convenes for two-day term. Lincoln v. Turner & Turner is continued. Lincoln appears for petitioner, Henrietta L. McDowall, in McDowall v. Humphries et al., and on his motion, Clifton H. Moore, Clinton attorney, is appointed guardian ad litem for infant defendants. On motion of Lincoln, complaint's lawyer, Peter v. Martin et al. is continued. For defendant with Clifton H. Moore of Clinton, Lincoln writes demurrer and agreement in Johnstone v. Weedman. Record.

Friday, September 29, 1843.+-

Clinton, IL.

Lincoln appears again in McDowall v. Humphries et al. Court orders that petitioner recover dower out of property of late David Duncan, husband of petitioner.Record.

James D. Smith's affidavit in McDowall v. Humphries et al. is filed. He writes and files petition for dower in case. He writes and signs Clifton H. Moore's name to Moore's answer of guardian of minor defendants.Photocopy.