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Saturday, October 1, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Logan & Lincoln have 13 bankrupt petitions in the U.S. District Court. Several are not heard until Monday.Record.

Monday, October 3, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Duelling spirit aroused by Lincoln-Shields affair brings challenge from Shields to William Butler. Butler accepts and selects rifles at 100 yards in Robert Allen's pasture Tuesday morning. To this Whiteside, Shields' second, will not agree and it is called off.Abraham Lincoln to Joshua F. Speed, 5 October 1842, CW, 1:302-3.

Tuesday, October 4, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Gen. Whiteside sends quasi-challenge to Dr. Merryman to meet him at Planters House, St. Louis, Friday. Merryman appoints Lincoln his second. Lincoln acts as messenger. Affairs resolves itself into quibbles about notes. High excitement prevails in Springfield.Sangamo Journal, 14 October 1842; Statements Concerning the Whiteside-Merryman Affair, [4] October 1842, CW, 1:302; Abraham Lincoln to Joshua F. Speed, 5 October 1842, CW, 1:302-3.

Wednesday, October 5, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes to his friend Joshua F. Speed, of Jefferson County, Kentucky. Lincoln observes that the newly-wed Speed is "happier now than you were the day you married her." Lincoln asks, '"Are you now, in feeling as well as judgement, glad you are married as you are?' From any body but me, this would be an impudent question not to be tolerated; but I know you will pardon it in me. Please answer it quickly as I feel impatient to know."Abraham Lincoln to Joshua F. Speed, 5 October 1842, CW, 1:302-3.

Thursday, October 6, 1842.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln, for defendants, signs notice in Bryan & Bryan v. Wash et al.Photocopy.

[DeWitt Circuit Court convenes for two-day term.]

Friday, October 7, 1842.+-

Clinton, IL.

On his motion, Lincoln is awarded summons to William Turner in Lincoln v. Turner & Turner and case is continued.Record.

Monday, October 10, 1842.+-

Urbana, IL.

Champaign Circuit Court meets today and tomorrow. Lincoln represents plaintiff in State Bank of Illinois v. Mitchell et al. Defendant defaults and court orders mortgage foreclosed. Defendant is ordered to pay $1,499. In default thereof, property is to be appraised and sold.Record.

Monday, October 17, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

Wilson v. Frazier, sheriff, is dismissed when Lincoln, for defendant, reports that plaintiff has died. In two other cases, Cunningham v. Fithian & Juneau and McDonald v. Fithian & Juneau, Lincoln moves and court orders that complainants plead in two days.Record.

Tuesday, October 18, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln's report of death of John M. Wilson proves premature, and case is reinstated. On Lincoln's motion, court orders that plaintiff give additional security for costs and plead in two days or have case dismissed.Record.

Wednesday, October 19, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

Counsel argues in Wilson v. Frazier, sheriff. Court sets aside order of Tuesday.Record.

Sunday, October 23, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

[Rev. T. O. Prescott of Cincinnati delivers lecture at Christian Church on "Second Coming of the Lord." This may have been occasion for Lincoln's story: "It is my private opinion that, if the Lord has been in Springfield once, he will never come the second time."Register, 21 October 1842.]

Monday, October 24, 1842.+-

Danville, IL.

[Shelby County Circuit Court convenes for three-day term at Shelbyville.]

Tuesday, October 25, 1842.+-

Charleston, IL.

Coles County Circuit Court convenes at Charleston for five-day term. Pearson & Anderson v. Monroe & Eastin, debt case, argued May 27, 1842, is dismissed at defendant's cost.Record.

Saturday, October 29, 1842.+-

Charleston, IL.

Linder and Walker, attorneys for defendant in Turney v. Craig, file plea. Jury is called and case argued by Ficklin and Lincoln for plaintiff, Benjamin D. Turney. Jury finds defendant guilty and assesses damages of $300 and costs.Record.