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Wednesday, July 1, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln files amended bill of complaint in Hornsby v. Ragsdale et al. in Sangamon Circuit Court.Record.

He writes declaration and praecipe in Trotter v. Thomas.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Thursday, July 2, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln files declaration in Iles v. Lyman & Lyman in Sangamon Circuit Court. E. Iles is seeking to collect note for $120 given by Lyman to Eddin Lewis and taken over by Iles in January 1840. Lincoln writes declarations in two other cases: Short v. Ditson et al., and Stockton v. Tolly.Photocopy; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Monday, July 13, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Sangamon Circuit Court opens term of three weeks. On motion of Stuart & Lincoln, attorneys for plaintiff, trespass case Keedy v. Elkin is dismissed.Record.

Tuesday, July 14, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Kendall v. Hardin & Reagor, continued from March, plaintiff is awarded $189.76 damages and costs when defendants default. Stuart & Lincoln are attorneys for plaintiff.Record.

Lincoln writes declaration in Peter v. Elkin & Constant.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Wednesday, July 15, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

On motion of Stuart & Lincoln, attorneys for plaintiff, Keedy v. Elkin, assumpsit, is dismissed at plaintiff's cost.Record.

[Twelfth issue of The Old Soldier is published. Old Soldier (Springfield, IL), Issue 12, 15 July 1840.]

Thursday, July 16, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Braucher v. Sayles et al., petition for partition of real estate is granted and three commissioners appointed. Lincoln writes order of court. He writes and signs affidavit that Jemima Sales, a defendant, resides out of state. On motion of plaintiff in Ransdell v. Calhoun, writ of inquiry is awarded. Stuart & Lincoln represent plaintiffs in both cases.Record; Photocopy.

Friday, July 17, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Judgment by default is ordered in Short v. Ditson et al., Hornsby v. Elkin & Spear, Ditson v. McMurry, and Dunham for use of Gray v. Lasswell. Stuart & Lincoln appear for plaintiffs in all four cases.Record.

Lincoln writes praecipe in first, declarations in second and third cases.Photocopy.

"Mr. Lincoln desires to address the people at the court house in this place on Monday next, at 1 o'clock P.M."Sangamo Journal, 17 July 1840.

Saturday, July 18, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln asks that Trotter v. Thomas be continued for failure to serve process in time. He gets judgment by default for $200 in Simpson v. Hesser. In Rucker v. Early et al., he is appointed guardian ad litem for George N. Early and Jacob M. Early, infant defendants.Record.

Monday, July 20, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln in Circuit Court wins two cases by default, loses one, and in fourth case, court takes time.Record.

He writes Thomas Lasswell's affidavit, filed July 22, 1840, in Mock v. Lasswell.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

In afternoon political debate takes place in court room between Lincoln and Jesse B. Thomas. Thomas charges Lincoln with authorship of series of letters criticizing Thomas' political activities that appeared in "Sangamo Journal" signed "A Conservative."Register, 24 July 1840.

Tuesday, July 21, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Ransdell v. Lightfoot & Lightfoot is tried by court and judgment is awarded plaintiff, Lincoln's client. On his motion defendant is ruled to file answer in Hornsby v. Ragsdale et al. Court, in Trotter v. Arnold & Fairchild, orders land described in complainant's bill sold to pay $20.65 debt.Record.

Lincoln draws up answer of defendant, David Spear, in Klein v. Spear.Photocopy.

Thursday, July 23, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln is appointed guardian ad litem for minor defendant, John Cook, in partition suit of Edwards v. Cook, and files answer as guardian. Defendant is 15-year-old son of Daniel Pope Cook, early congressman from Illinois. He is commissioned Brig.-Gen. by President Lincoln in 1862. Jury is called in Ransdell v. Calhoun, and awards plaintiff $245.95. Stuart & Lincoln represent plaintiff.Record.

Saturday, July 25, 1840.+-

Carlinville, IL.

Whigs hold Log Cabin and Hard Cider rally, with visiting delegations. Lincoln was in Carlinville this summer, possibly at this time.Missouri Republican, 10 July 1840.

Sunday, July 26, 1840.+-

Carlinville, IL.

["The Old Soldier" issues extra number. "Old Hickory," its Democratic rival, accuses Whigs of failure to circulate "The Old Soldier" near Springfield "where its lies could have been branded."]

Monday, July 27, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

On Lincoln's motion, leave is granted him by court to amend bill in Hornsby v. Ragsdale et al., and case is continued.Record.

Tuesday, July 28, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes plea and notice to prove account of defendant in Mock v. Lasswell, signing "Baker & Strong."Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

[Thirteenth issue of The Old Soldier is published. Old Soldier (Springfield, IL), Issue 13, 28 July 1840.]

Wednesday, July 29, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln as guardian ad litem for infant defendants in Rucker v. Early et al. is present when deposition of Peter Rickard is taken. Rickard states that Early, dying, said land described in complainant's bill should be deeded back to Rucker. Rucker, moving to Iowa, had deeded land to Early to hold in trust until prices improved.Record.

Friday, July 31, 1840.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Spear et al. v. Newton & Newton, defendant files demurrer to supplemental bill of complainant. After hearing argument, court overrules demurrer. Logan, Lincoln, and Stuart are for complainant and Strong and Doremus for defendant. Record.

Lincoln writes report in Keys & Matheny v. Matheny et al.Photocopy.