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Monday, December 2, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

In James F. Reed & Peter Rickard v. Catherine Early et al. Lincoln writes and signs petition to sell real estate, writes answer of James C. Conkling, guardian, and writes court order to sell real estate. He receipts on back of execution order in Jacob Forsyth & Co. v. May & Truett that Springfield lots have been "levied."Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Photocopy.

At meeting of town board, Lincoln, J. Whitney, and P. C. Canedy are appointed to investigate names on petitions for and against liquor licenses.Clerk's Minutes.

[U.S. Circuit Court meets in Christian Church. Nathaniel Pope, presiding judge, is described as an "able jurist and distinguished lawyer."Quincy Whig, 14 December 1839.]

Tuesday, December 3, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln is admitted to practice in U.S. Circuit Court by Judge Pope.Record.

Lawyers in attendance are Logan, Breese, Butterfield, Baker, Gatewood, Field, Williams, Cole, Douglas, Levi Davis, G. T. M. Davis, Foreman, and some 20 others.Quincy Whig, 14 December 1839.

Wednesday, December 4, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln notes in fee book of Stuart & Lincoln his employment by Isaac Cogdal, friend of his New Salem years, in suit brought against Cogdal by Webster & Hickox, Springfield merchants.Stuart & Lincoln fee book.

Thursday, December 5, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Defendant defaults in Hooper, Martin, & Smith v. Haines & Son, and plaintiffs, Lincoln's clients, are awarded $626.82 damages in U.S. Circuit Court.Record.

Lincoln writes supplementary bill in chancery in Spear et al. v. Newton & Newton, which David Spear, his client, signs and swears.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

[Committee reports to Springfield Mechanics Union that they have consulted Lincoln about obtaining charter from legislature.Minutes of Union.]

Friday, December 6, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's motion for new trial in Powell v. E. C. Blankenship & Co. is granted in Sangamon Circuit Court. [Plaintiffs failed in justice of peace court and on December 2, 1839 were given costs in circuit court. On March 13, 1840 they are awarded $95.77.]Stuart & Lincoln fee book.

Saturday, December 7, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln gets judgment by default in chancery case of Wood et al. v. Ross. Judgment is for amount of note, $827.56, with interest at 6 per cent from December 15, 1838.Record.

He writes answer of Thomas Morgan in State Bank of Illinois v. Quinton et al. As guardian, he files answer to petition of Lucy C. Haines v. heirs of Isaac Haines & Haines.Photocopy.

Monday, December 9, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Legislature meets in Springfield for first time. House sits in Second Presbyterian Church. Oscar Love and Richard Kerr of Pike contest seat. Debate is held on resolution of Williams of Adams referring case to election committee. Lincoln, Webb of White, and Marshall of Gallatin support resolution.House Journal; Alton Telegraph, 21 December 1839.

Lincoln writes and signs petition to review in David Bailey v. Cromwell & McNaghton.Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Tuesday, December 10, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

On Lincoln's motion, rule of House is dispensed with and he introduces bill authorizing "Collector of ________ county to collect certain taxes." Bill is read twice and on his motion referred to committee of Lincoln, Naper of Cook, and Bowman of Wabash. J. Calhoun is elected House clerk. Lincoln votes for Andrew Johnston.House Journal; Photocopy; Bill Introduced in Illinois Legislature to Authorize the Collector of ________ County to Collect Taxes, [10 December 1839], CW, 1:155.

Wednesday, December 11, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes in form of legal petition invitation to Mrs. O. H. Browning of Quincy to "repair, forthwith to the Seat of Government, bringing in your train all ladies in general, who may be at your command." John Dawson, E. B. Webb, and J. J. Hardin sign with Lincoln. Hardin writes accompanying letter, "endorsed" by Lincoln and Webb. Springfield Whigs meet and adopt resolution, written by Lincoln, challenging Democrats to debate resolutions adopted by Democratic convention which adjourned December 10, 1839.Abraham Lincoln to Mrs. Orville H. Browning, [11 December 1839], CW, 1:156-57; Resolutions Adopted at a Whig Meeting at Springfield, 11 December 1839, CW, 1:155-56.

Thursday, December 12, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln and Edwards of Sangamon call for yeas and nays on resolution requesting commissioners of board of public works to report expenditures on each railroad, and number of engineers employed. He votes nay on tabling, and nay on resolution repealing internal improvement system.House Journal.

Friday, December 13, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

New resolution instructing committee on Internal Improvements to report bill repealing improvement system is tabled 44 to 42. On Lincoln's motion, House postpones seating either Love or Kerr of Pike County.House Journal.

Saturday, December 14, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's motion, agreed to yesterday, is reconsidered but tabled 44 to 41. "Lord Coke" appoints standing committees of "The Lobby." Committee on Etiquette, Politeness & Ceremony consists of Wickliffe Kitchell, chairman, and Lincoln, Wheeler of Pike, French of Edgar, and Hinshaw of McLean.House Journal; Register, 25 December 1839.

Monday, December 16, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

House continues to discuss Kerr-Love contest. Resolution to seat Kerr loses 45 to 43. On resolution to seat Love, Lincoln moves to strike out words "until further testimony is heard on the subject." His amendment is adopted, but resolution to seat Love loses by tie vote, which pleases Whigs.House Journal.

Tuesday, December 17, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln presents petition for charter for Springfield Mechanics Union, which is referred to select committee of himself, Henry of Morgan, and Green of Greene. He introduces for John Bennett petition (written Monday) praying vacation of part of Bennett's addition to Petersburg. It is referred to committee of which Lincoln is chairman.House Journal; Petition Written for John Bennett, 16 December 1839, CW, 1:157; Amendment Introduced in Illinois Legislature to Bill Incorporating the Springfield Mechanics' Union, [19 December 1839], CW, 1:158.

Wednesday, December 18, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Day is devoted to discussion of suspension of specie payments by state bank. Amendment by Daley of Greene to legalize suspension is tabled, Lincoln voting nay. Many members declare that bank should wind up its affairs when 60-day period of suspension expires December 21, 1839.House Journal.

Lincoln opens debate on fiscal policy, Democrats having accepted challenge "after many efforts on the part of the Locos to get off." He attacks Democratic subtreasury.Speech at Springfield, Illinois, 18 December 1839, CW, 1:157-58.

Thursday, December 19, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln reports from committee bill to incorporate Springfield Mechanics Union. It is ordered to second reading. House by large majority decides not to postpone investigation of charges against Judge John Pearson of seventh circuit, and report of Judiciary committee is adopted. Lincoln votes nay on postponing and yea on report.House Journal; Photocopy.

Friday, December 20, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Finance committee reports bill in relation to state bank, with amendment providing that "nothing in this act shall be construed to legalize the suspension of specie payments." Motion to table bill and amendment loses 58 to 26, Lincoln voting nay. He favors retention by legislature of right to alter bank charter.House Journal.

Saturday, December 21, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Act to authorize limited partnerships is refused third reading. Lincoln votes yea. Resolution to reserve hall of House [Second Presbyterian Church] for use of committees every night is amended by Lincoln to read Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.House Journal.

Monday, December 23, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln writes Stuart about lost deeds belonging to old Mr. Wright and $80 which Stuart is supposed to have paid Robert A. Kinzie. He notes that Douglas is in town "but he is not now worth talking about." In House, he takes part in debate on opening session with prayer.House Journal; Abraham Lincoln to John T. Stuart, 23 December 1839, CW, 1:158-59.

Tuesday, December 24, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

At meeting of town board, Lincoln and other trustees decide to license smaller groceries for $25 for two-month period.Clerk's Minutes.

Contest between Kerr (Whig) and Love (Dem.) for House seat from Pike County is settled with Kerr seated 44 to 43. Lincoln votes yea.House Journal.

Thursday, December 26, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

As member of joint select committee to investigate state bank, Lincoln attends first of almost daily hearings. He delivers subtreasury speech in evening. "A speech which no man can answer, but Calhoun will try Saturday evening," says Quincy Whig (January 4, 1840). Speech on the Sub-Treasury, [26] December 1839, CW, 1:159-79; Sangamo Journal, 6 March 1840.

Friday, December 27, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln reports bill to vacate part of Bennett's addition to Petersburg. He is put on committee with Nance of Sangamon and Hull of Tazewell to take up bill incorporating Petersburg. Motion to postpone indefinitely bill making school commissioners elective fails 53 to 25. Lincoln votes nay.House Journal; Photocopy.

As member of joint committee to investigate state bank, Lincoln, with other members, signs letter to Thomas Mather, bank president, conveying resolution of investigation.Byrd Monroe et al. to Thomas Mather, 26 December 1839, CW, 1:179.

Saturday, December 28, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

State bank investigating committee holds its first session in evening at bank. House adopts resolution instructing committee on state roads to prepare bill granting county commissioners' courts superintendency over state roads as with public roads. Lincoln votes yea.House Journal; House Report, 340.

Monday, December 30, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln votes nay on consideration of bill to distribute school fund to counties. State bank investigation committee meets in evening, and on Lincoln's motion, elects chairman and clerk. Woodworth of Cook is named chairman and L. T. Jamison clerk.House Journal; House Report, 340-41.

Tuesday, December 31, 1839.+-

Springfield, IL.

House rejects, 55 to 24, resolution to investigate Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown. Lincoln votes nay. State bank investigation committee meets and resolves to present joint resolution listing all items to be investigated "to the Bank as it is, and that full and complete answers be required to all interrogatories."House Report, 340-41.