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Tuesday, March 8, 1836.+-

Petersburg, IL.

[George G. Miller presents petition, written by Lincoln, for public road to Sangamon County Commissioners. He asks that road be located from Morgan County line near Watkin's Mill to Miller's Ferry, then to Sangamon County line toward Pekin. Lincoln, William G. Jeter, and Robert Conover are appointed to locate road.County Commissioners' Record, Book D, 189.]

[On August 17, 1835, Thomas Plasters entered N.E. ¼ of the S.E. ¼ of Section 36, T. 19 N.R. 10 W. Controversy arose between Plasters and Dr. Charles Chandler, whose land adjoined on west, as to location of the north-south line between them. Lincoln surveyed line some time in spring of 1836. Land is near present town of Chandlerville.]

Wednesday, March 16, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln purchases from federal government tract of 47 acres at $1.25 per acre, on Sangamon River 12 miles northwest of New Salem.

[On November 1, 1839 President Van Buren issues Certificate No. 15,701 to N. part of N.W. ¼ of Sec. 3 in T. 19 N. of R. 7 W.Book 31, 355, original owned by Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, Springfield, Ill.]

Friday, March 18, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln discovers that his horse is missing "from a stable in Springfield." Later, in a Springfield, newspaper ad, he announces that he is looking for a "large bay horse, star in his forehead, plainly marked with harness; supposed to be eight years old; had been shod all round, but is believed to have lost some of his shoes, and trots and paces. Any person who will take up said horse, and leave information at the Journal [newspaper] office, or with the subscriber at New-salem, shall be liberally paid for their trouble." Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL), 26 March 1836, 2:7.

Saturday, March 19, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Lincoln, Ninian W. Edwards, and Robert L. Wilson announce as candidates for legislature. John T. Stuart announces for Congress.Sangamo Journal, 19 March 1836.]

Wednesday, March 23, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln is a witness for William G. Green in the slander case Green v. Purkapile before the Sangamon County Circuit Court. The court grants the defendant's request for a change of venue to Tazewell County.Record C, 169, 170.

Thursday, March 24, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's name is entered on record of Sangamon Circuit Court as person of good moral character, first of three steps in obtaining law license. He buys from Thomas Edwards, farmer living near New Salem, his first Springfield property, two lots on north side of Jefferson Street between Sixth and Seventh. Lots are Nos. 6 and 8 in Old Town Plat.Record; Deed Book J, 515; ISLA—Bulletin, Nos. 16 and 17.

Saturday, March 26, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln inserts in "Sangamo Journal" card on his missing horse. "Any person who will take up said horse, and leave information at the Journal office, or with the subscriber at New-salem, shall be liberally paid for their trouble. A. Lincoln."Advertisement for a Lost Horse, 26 March 1836, CW, 1:47.

In Green v. Purkapile, the court sets the change of venue aside, and the defendant withdraws his pleas. Purkapile admits to slandering Green and causing damages in the amount of $2,000, whereupon Green releases Purkapile from paying the damages. The court orders Purkapile to pay all court costs.Record C, 194.