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Tuesday, November 1, 1836.+-

Bath, IL.

Lincoln surveys town of Bath for John Kerton, proprietor, his last recorded town survey. Later in day he returns to Oakford. Sangamon County Deed Record, Book K, 155; The History of Menard and Mason Counties, Illinois (Chicago: O. L. Baskin, 1879), 412.

[In speech at Bath August 16, 1858, Lincoln recalled that 22 years before he had "with his own hands staked out the first plat of this town of Bath, then a wooded wilderness."Speech at Bath, Illinois, 16 August 1858, CW, 2:543-44.]

Charles R. Matheny, clerk of Sangamon County Commissioners Court, certifies that Lincoln is elected to Tenth General Assembly. Photocopy.

Monday, November 7, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln votes for Hugh L. White electors for President. White leads Van Buren in New Salem 65 to 34; 719 to 376 in Springfield; and 1464 to 903 in Sangamon County. Van Buren, however, carries state 18,459 to 15,240.Election Returns.

Monday, November 14, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

[Tazewell County Circuit Court convenes at Tremont for special four-day term. Judge Logan presides.Record.]

Wednesday, November 16, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln draws up survey of tract for Alvin Ringo, five miles west of New Salem (parts of Sections 30 and 31 in Township 18 North, Range 7 West of 3rd Principal Meridian).Surveys for Alvin Ringo, 16-17 November 1836, CW, 1:52-53.

Thursday, November 17, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln surveys for Alvin Ringo two tracts four miles southwest of New Salem and mile and a half northeast of present town of Tallula. [This is Lincoln's last survey, according to W. H. Herndon. Lincoln describes tracts as follows: "a part of the North half of Section 5 in Township 17 North of Range 7 West . . . and a part of the East one-half of the South West one-quarter of the said Section 5."]Surveys for Alvin Ringo, 16-17 November 1836, CW, 1:52-53.

Saturday, November 19, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

[Meeting of Sangamon citizens is held in Springfield to discuss internal improvements and to adopt measures to bring action by legislature. Sangamon delegation is instructed to vote for general system of internal improvements.Sangamo Journal, 3 December 1836.]

Wednesday, November 30, 1836.+-

New Salem, IL.

[Before leaving for Vandalia, Lincoln draws up petition for county commissioners court requesting "establishment of a county road to commence at Middletown near Musick's bridge, thence the nearest and best rout [sic] to Meaddow's Mill at the Sugar Grove and thence to the county line." Petition is presented by Coleman Smoot December 5, 1836. Photocopy.]