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Monday, October 3, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Sangamon County Circuit Court opens fall term. Judge Stephen T. Logan presides. Among lawyers present are Lincoln, Stuart, Henry E. Dummer, Dan Stone, George Forquer, Samuel H. Treat, Cyrus Walker, Josephus Hewett, Edward D. Baker, and Thomas Moffett. Record.

Wednesday, October 5, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

In his first lawsuits as an attorney, Lincoln files several documents in the Sangamon County Circuit Court on behalf of his client David Woldridge. In Hawthorn v. Woldridge, a trespass vi et armis case, Lincoln writes a plea that his his law partner John T. Stuart signs. In Hawthorn v. Woldridge, an assumpsit case, Lincoln writes Woldridge's sworn statement, requesting the court to order Hawthorn to furnish a bond for costs. Lincoln also writes Woldridge's account against Hawthorn which he files to off set whatever claim Hawthorn held against Woldridge. Record; Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Thursday, October 6, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln franks letter to Ira I. Fenn of Columbia, Putnam County, enclosing document from Judge Samuel D. Lockwood. In Hawthorn v. Woldridge, the plaintiff files bond for costs.Abraham Lincoln to Ira I. Fenn, 6 October 1836, CW, 1:52; Record.

Friday, October 7, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

In both Hawthorn v. Woldridge, the trespass vi et armis case, and Hawthorn v. Woldridge, the assumpsit case, the plaintiff requests the court to release his securities for costs. The court releases Hawthorn's securities in both cases and Hawthorn then produces another bond with John Owens his surety. Record.

Saturday, October 8, 1836.+-

Springfield, IL.

Hawthorn v. Woldridge, the trespass vi et armis case, is tried before a jury and Lincoln loses when the plaintiff is awarded $36 in damages and court costs. The court orders a continuance in Hawthorn v. Woldridge, the assumpsit case. Record.

Tuesday, October 11, 1836.+-

Sangamon County, IL.

Lincoln writes and signs his deposition and also writes the deposition of Matthew Lounsbury in the Morgan County Circuit Court case of Davidson v. Reavis. Plaintiff Robert Davidson hired Lincoln to survey the land Davidson purchased from defendant Isham Reavis. Davidson seeks to prove that the parcel of land in question is not as desirable as Reavis's description of it. Deponent Lounsbury served as Lincoln's chainbearer for the survey. Depositions, 11 October 1836, Davidson v. Reavis, Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL.

Sunday, October 30, 1836.+-

Oakford, IL.

[Lincoln stops overnight at Deer Lick Tavern on his way to survey town of Bath.Statement on sign on site of Deer Lick Tavern.]

Monday, October 31, 1836.+-

En route to Bath, IL.

[Lincoln meets Ashley Hickey and they proceed by horseback to Bath.Statement on sign on site of Deer Lick Tavern.]