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Friday, January 1, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

[Lincoln's name does not appear in proceedings. His unusual three-day absence from House is accounted for by introduction, January 2, 1836, of report of Committee on Public Accounts and Expenditures, by John D. Hughes of St. Clair. Report, listing state expenses for 1836 at $89,150, is in Lincoln's hand, showing that he spent these days in committee gathering and discussing statistics.Report to Illinois Legislature on State Expenses, [2 January 1836], CW, 1:45.]

Saturday, January 2, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes on amendments to "act to incorporate the stockholders of the Alton Exporting Co." He votes yea on granting second reading to bill from Education Committee.House Journal.

Monday, January 4, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln casts four negative votes: on passage of act concerning justices of peace and constables; on passage of act for electing county commissioners court clerks; on motion to refer to select committee Vermilion Saline lands bill; and on amendment to Saline bill.House Journal.

Tuesday, January 5, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes with majority to pass Vermilion Saline bill. He votes nay on resolutions proposed January 2, 1836 condemning Whig party and lauding Democratic presidential ticket for 1836. Resolutions are adopted 31 to 20.House Journal.

Wednesday, January 6, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes on two roll calls.House Journal.

Thursday, January 7, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Illinois and Michigan Canal bill is returned to House with amendments. It passes 38 to 14, Lincoln voting for it. He votes nay with majority in refusing to move penitentiary from Alton.House Journal.

Friday, January 8, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes nay on advancing election bill to third reading. As House quickly finishes its current business, three votes on adjournment for day are taken. Lincoln votes nay thrice, but House adjourns. House Journal.

Saturday, January 9, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes on two private bills, and for Senate amendment to railroad incorporation bill.House Journal.

Brown of Tazewell and McLean introduces bill in Lincoln's hand for road from Peoria to Pekin.Bill Introduced in Illinois Legislature to Establish a State Road from Peoria to Pekin, [9 January 1836], CW, 1:45-47.

Sunday, January 10, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

House members attend funeral of Benjamin A. Clark of Wayne, who died Saturday. [On January 11, 1836 members vote their day's pay to widow and children.]House Journal.

Monday, January 11, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Senate bill for Sangamon River bridge is amended by Lincoln to require bridge at or near New Salem.House Journal.

Tuesday, January 12, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes yea (31 yeas, 19 nays) on resolution instructing governor to sue public printer for failing to print complete "House Journal" and laws of regular session. After amendment, Gallatin Saline bill is read third time.House Journal.

Wednesday, January 13, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

On Lincoln's motion, House recedes from amendment to Sangamon County bridge bill requiring bridge at New Salem. Gallatin Saline bill passes after further amendment, Lincoln voting yea.House Journal.

Thursday, January 14, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

House discusses Springfield state bank bill most of morning, which Senate amended. Sangamon delegation votes yea. Lincoln votes yea on bill incorporating Illinois Central Railroad Co.House Journal.

Friday, January 15, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

On Lincoln's motion, Senate bill on cattle is discussed in Committee of the Whole. Nicknamed "little bull law," it required young bulls to be penned up and provided prizes for best bulls in each county. Bill passes 24 to 16.House Journal.

Saturday, January 16, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln moves reconsideration of House committee amendment to Alton exporting company incorporation bill. Despite his objections, House adopts (24 to 18) amendment making stockholders liable for debts of corporation.House Journal.

Monday, January 18, 1836.+-

Vandalia, IL.

In brief session, House hears that passed bills have been correctly enrolled, that Council of Revision has approved them, and adjourns sine die on motion of Stuart of Sangamon without roll call.House Journal.

Tuesday, January 19, 1836-Wednesday, January 20, 1836.+-

Tuesday, January 19, 1836-Wednesday, January 20, 1836.

Wednesday, January 20, 1836+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln surveys 12-acre tract for David Hart, and writes technical notes. Notes of a Survey Made for David Hart, 1836, CW, 1:44.