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Monday, August 3, 1835.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln votes for John Calhoun in preference to A. G. Herndon to succeed E. D. Taylor in state senate, and for Job Fletcher instead of Peter Cartwright to succeed George Forquer in state senate. Both are elected. His vote helps elect Thomas M. Neale county surveyor over Reuben Harrison and Parnell Hamilton.Election Returns.

Monday, August 17, 1835.+-

New Salem, IL (?)

[Matthew S. Marsh, who lives near New Salem, writes: "On the night of the 17th of August a tornado passed over this place, laid the fences flat, rooted up trees, blew down corn and done other damage. The next morn by daylight as I was putting up my fence, two great wolves walked along unconcerned within 50 yards of me."IHi—Trans., 1926, 125.]

Tuesday, August 25, 1835.+-

New Salem, IL (?)

[Ann Rutledge, ill six weeks, dies at Rutledge farm seven miles northwest of New Salem.IHi—Trans., 1926, 121.]