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Monday, February 2, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln debates "act concerning the School Fund." He moves previous question and bill fails. He votes with majority in refusing to table "act concerning Religious Societies."House Journal.

Tuesday, February 3, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes with majority in refusing to table bill for distributing interest on school fund. He votes to reduce, from five to three, number of Illinois and Michigan canal commissioners. [House restores five commissioners February 9, 1835.]House Journal.

Wednesday, February 4, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

[Webb of White announces death of his colleague, Maj. William McHenry, and delivers eulogy. Rev. Newton Cloud of Morgan preaches funeral sermon in House at 3 P.M. House Journal.]

Thursday, February 5, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes with majority to pass "act concerning the School Fund," removing fund from Bank of U.S., St. Louis, and bestowing it on treasurer.House Journal.

Friday, February 6, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes yea on passage of antigaming bill. On his motion, "act to improve the navigation of the Sangamon River," which has passed House, has title changed to "act to authorize a special election in Sangamon County." Lincoln's name appears on five other roll calls.House Journal.

Saturday, February 7, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes with majority on resolution asking Senate to return to House "act to incorporate colleges." He votes to incorporate Alton Hotel Co.House Journal.

Monday, February 9, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Illinois and Michigan canal bill passes 40 to 12. Sangamon delegation, Lincoln, Stuart, Dawson, and Carpenter, votes yea. Bill setting up new state bank with headquarters at Springfield passes House with one vote to spare, Lincoln voting yea.House Journal.

Tuesday, February 10, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes to table bills providing for education of orphan children, and for killing wolves. He votes for Jesse B. Thomas, Jr., Democrat, who is elected attorney general, and for John J. Hardin for states' attorney, first judicial district, who is defeated by Stephen A. Douglas.House Journal.

Wednesday, February 11, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes yea on resolution to adjourn sine die next day. Resolution fails. He votes on two routine motions, and at 6 P.M. Senate meets with House to elect Alexander F. Grant over Walter B. Scates judge of third judicial circuit and Elijah C. Berry president of Bank of Illinois at Vandalia.House Journal.

Thursday, February 12, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Lincoln votes yea on adding to property excluded from legal attachment one work horse or yoke of oxen. This provokes further discussion on exempted property. He votes yea with majority to pass "act for the benefit of Bank Debtors." He calls for yeas and nays on two votes in afternoon.House Journal.

Friday, February 13, 1835.+-

Vandalia, IL.

Senate bill, "act concerning the lessees of the Gallatin Saline Reserve," is read three times and passed, 19 to 18, Lincoln voting nay. He votes to increase from $100 to $175 fee for copying "House Journal." House closes session with prayer.House Journal.

Saturday, February 14, 1835.+-

En route to New Salem, IL.

[Lincoln is summoned as witness in Harrell v. David Wooldridge, at order of Forquer & Treat, attorneys for plaintiff.Photocopy.]

Saturday, February 21, 1835.+-

Springfield, IL.

Deputy Sheriff Josiah Francis, on behalf of Sangamon County Sheriff Garret Elkin, endorses a writ of execution: "Levied February 21st 1835 on one set of surveying instruments, one horse saddle and Bridle and the undivided half of Lots no. 16 & 17 north of Main Street New Salem the property of Abraham Lincoln." The execution is to pay a $223.24 judgment against Lincoln, William F. Berry and William Green in Van Bergen v. Lincoln et al.Photocopy.

Monday, February 23, 1835.+-

New Salem, IL.

The deputy county sheriff serves Lincoln with a subpoena to appear as a witness for Peter S. Harvell in Harvell v. Woldridge.Photocopy.