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Wednesday, April 2, 1834.+-

New Salem, IL.

Lincoln writes a deed for James Cox and Nancy O. Cox, who are selling a little more than 175 acres of land located in Sangamon County to Charles J. F. Clark and Matthew S. Marsh. Lincoln also signs the document as a witness. Deed, 2 April 1834, Private Collection.

Saturday, April 5, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Political meeting is held at Richland, nine miles southwest of New Salem. Nominations made are as follows: Gen. James D. Henry for governor, William L. May for Congress, William F. Elkin for state senator, and Peter Cartwright, Job Fletcher, Samuel Morris, and John Dawson for representatives from Sangamon.Sangamo Journal, 19 April 1834.]

Monday, April 7, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Stuart & Dummer file a praecipe with the circuit clerk of Sangamon County in the case of Van Bergen v. Lincoln et al.. Clerk issues a summons to defendants, Lincoln, William F. Berry and William G. Green to appear on first day of the April term. Coroner serves the summons on Green but reports "Berry & Lincoln not found in any bailiwick." Peter Van Bergen, to whom Reuben Radford has made partial assignment of a note given by Berry, Lincoln, and Green on October 19, 1833, brings suit against the three signers in the Sangamon County Circuit Court for $500 and $50 damages.Thomas, Lincoln's New Salem, 72.]

Saturday, April 19, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Lincoln's name appears in Sangamo Journal as candidate for legislature.]

Sunday, April 20, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

[Memorial service for Gen. James D. Henry (1797-1834), hero of Black Hawk War who died in New Orleans March 5, 1834, is held in court house. Lincoln and other candidates doubtless attend.Sangamo Journal, 25 April 1834.]

Saturday, April 26, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

In Watkins v. Lincoln & Berry, Lincoln and Berry lose an appeal from a justice of peace court to the Sangamon County Circuit Court. The court awards William Watkins $57.86, the amount of a promissory note with interest, and court costs.Record.

[Lincoln gave the promissory note to Watkins for a horse.Thomas, Lincoln's New Salem, 72.]

Tuesday, April 29, 1834.+-

Springfield, IL.

[The Sangamon County Circuit Court hears Van Bergen v. Lincoln et al.. Green, the only defendant whom the sheriff has served with a summons, fails to appear, the court orders a judgment by default and awards Van Bergen $204.82 with $18.42 in damages. The court orders a "scire facias issue to the said Abram Lincoln and William F. Berry requiring them to show cause . . . why they should not be made a party to this judgment."Photocopy; Record B, 336.

Only $154 of the $204.82 and $18.42 damages awarded against Green is due Van Bergen, the remainder is due Reuben Radford.]