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Monday, October 31, 1836.+-

En route to Bath, IL.

[Lincoln meets Ashley Hickey and they proceed by horseback to Bath.Statement on sign on site of Deer Lick Tavern.]

Thursday, October 31, 1839.+-

Decatur, IL.

Lincoln is appointed by Judge Thomas to defend David Adkins, indicted for larceny. Jury finds defendant not guilty. Lincoln is appointed guardian ad litem for infant defendants in Warnick v. Warnick et al., and also in Shepherd & Manly v. Shepherd et al.Record.

Saturday, October 31, 1840.+-

Lawrenceville, IL.

Lincoln writes to local resident William G. Anderson, who seeks Lincoln's clarification regarding an apparent disagreement between the two men. Anderson explained, "I think you were the aggressor. Your words imported insult." Lincoln denies that he was the "aggressor." He writes, "I entertain no unkind feeling to you, and none of any sort upon the subject, except a sincere regret that I permitted myself to get into such an altercation." William G. Anderson to Abraham Lincoln, 30 October 1840, Tennessee Historical Society Collection, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN; Abraham Lincoln to William G. Anderson, 31 October 1840, CW, 1:211.

Thursday, October 31, 1844.+-

Rockport, IN.

[If Lincoln attended meeting of Clay Club at Evansville, Indiana November 1, 1844, he spent today on road from Rockport to Evansville. Logan Circuit Court convenes at Postville. Logan & Lincoln are attorneys for plaintiff in partition suit of Drury Martin and Sarah Martin v. Thomas Lowry et al., which is heard this term.]

Tuesday, October 31, 1848.+-

Magnolia, IL and Hennepin, IL.

Lincoln and Henry deliver addresses at Magnolia in afternoon. Lincoln then goes on alone to Hennepin where he speaks at seven o'clock.Illinois Journal, 27 October 1848.

Thursday, October 31, 1850.+-

Paris, IL.

Leave is given to file bill of revivor in White v. Alexander. Lincoln is counsel for defense. Record.

Friday, October 31, 1851.+-

Paris, IL.

Lincoln and Dill recover part of damages claimed in Tenbrook for use of John Stewart Jr. & Co. v. Guthrie when court awards plaintiff $532.77. They win assumpsit suit, Benson v. Mayo, when jury finds for plaintiff in sum of $400. Munsell v. McReynolds, bill for settlement of partnership in which Lincoln and Linder represent defendant, is referred to master for taking testimony. Record.

Monday, October 31, 1853.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln files pleas for defendants in Lamm v. Bachop and Helmick v. Helmick. In latter case he denies that defendant committed adultery, although her husband, in order to secure divorce, attempted to induce different men to make attempts on her chastity. Photocopy.

Murphy and Lincoln for complainant and Davis for defendant try Wilson et al. v. Kingsbury et al. Court takes it under advisement. Record.

Tuesday, October 31, 1854.+-

Naples, IL and Quincy, IL.

Lincoln takes stage from Naples to Quincy. It is dark before he reaches there. He meets Abraham Jonas, English Jew who is one of his most faithful supporters. Abraham Lincoln to Abraham Jonas, 21 July 1860, CW, 4:85-86.

He writes another letter to Yates, brief, on same subject. Abraham Lincoln to Richard Yates, 1 November [31 October] 1854, CW, 2:284-85.

Wednesday, October 31, 1855.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln speaks on political situation. "While I am writing this," says Democratic correspondent of Register, "ex-congressman Lincoln is speaking in the court house by invitation of the fusionists here, who are, that is a few of them, as bitter and unreasonable against Judge Douglas as any can be found in the state. Mr. Lincoln just suits them." Register, 6 November 1855.

Agreement written by Lincoln that parties in Gatling et al. v. Great Western RR agree to submit case to judge in vacation is filed, and case continued. Record.

Lincoln's drug store account is charged for soda, cream of tartar, and bottle of liniment. Pratt, Personal Finances, 151.

Friday, October 31, 1856.+-

Springfield, IL.

Yates addresses another Republican meeting at courthouse. After more than two hours, "Mr. Lincoln followed in his usual happy and forcible manner." Illinois State Journal, 1 November 1856.

Saturday, October 31, 1857.+-

Danville, IL.

Lincoln writes and signs his own affidavit in Davenport v. Sconce and DonCarlos, and writes review of case. Herndon-Weik Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Wednesday, October 31, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

Lincoln is convinced that his attitude of silence is proper. "Allow me to beg that you will not live in much apprehension of my precipitating a letter upon the public," he assures George G. Fogg. Abraham Lincoln to George G. Fogg, 31 October 1860, CW, 4:135-36.

Thursday, October 31, 1861.+-

Washington, DC.

Sec. Cameron lays before President Gen. Scott's letter requesting retired officer status. Frank Moore, ed., The Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events, 11 vols. & 1 supplemental vol. (New York: Van Nostrand, 1861-68), 3:Documents, 266.

Gen. McClellan requests President's permission to have purchase of arms made through his staff. McClellan to Lincoln, 31 October 1861, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Friday, October 31, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln confers with Mayor Richard Wallach (Washington), president of council, and special committee about construction of railroad from Point of Rocks, Md., to Washington. Philadelphia News, 1 November 1862; Petition, 28 October 1862, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

President recognizes Samuel W. F. Odell as consul general of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands for the United States. Evening Star (Washington, DC), 3 November 1862, 2d ed., 2:3.

Saturday, October 31, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

President continues to notify congressmen-elect of provisions relating to credentials in act approved March 3, 1863. Abraham Lincoln to William Sprague, 31 October 1863, CW, 6:552-53.

Monday, October 31, 1864.+-

Washington, DC.

President issues proclamation admitting Nevada into Union. Proclamation Admitting Nevada into the Union, 31 October 1864, CW, 8:83-84.

Confers with "Gen. Todd" regarding outcome of exempting about 5,000 men from draft in Pennsylvania and putting them on duty defending border. Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 31 October 1864, CW, 8:84-85.

Thanks 42d Massachusetts Volunteers, 100-day regiment whose term of service is over, "for the service you have rendered the country." Speech to Forty-second Massachusetts Regiment, 31 October 1864, CW, 8:84.

Acknowledges communication from Rev. William Nast covering resolutions of Central German Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church. Abraham Lincoln to William Nast, 31 October 1864, CW, 8:83.