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Monday, December 7, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

10:20 A.M. President telegraphs Mrs. Lincoln in New York: "All doing well. Tad confidently expects you to-night. When will you come?" Mrs. Lincoln replies: "Will leave here positively at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. Have carriage waiting at depot in Washington at 6 p.m. Did Tad receive his book. Please answer." 7 P.M. President telegraphs reply: "Tad has received his book. The carriage shall be ready at 6 P.M. tomorrow." Abraham Lincoln to Mary Lincoln, 7 December 1863, CW, 7:35; Abraham Lincoln to Mary Lincoln, 7 December 1863, CW, 7:35.

Issues press release on Union success in Tennessee and recommends that all loyal people assemble informally in churches and render homage to God. Washington Chronicle, 8 December 1863; Announcement of Union Success in Tennessee, 7 December 1863, CW, 7:35.

Refers to military situation at Knoxville and comments: "Now if this Army of the Potomac was any good . . . if the Army had any legs, they could move 30,000 men down to Lynchburg and catch Longstreet. Can anybody doubt, if Grant were here in command that he would catch him?" Memorandum, 7 December 1863, John G. Nicolay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.